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May 2, 18

3 Shut Downs, 2 Days: Continued Resistance to the Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Resistance to the Bayou Bridge pipeline continues, as actions delay construction on the Bayou Bridge pipeline in Louisiana.

ST. MARTINVILLE, LA- In the early afternoon of May 1st, over a dozen water protectors from the L’eau est La Vie resistance camp shut down construction at two different sites of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline in the Atchafalaya Basin. A prayerful ceremony was held in both sites where construction was shut down to honor Puddles, the camp cat and four legged water protector who recently passed away.

The water protectors held work off from happening and stayed in ceremony for several hours at the second location until all of the workers left the site and went home.

The Atchafalaya Basin is the biggest swamp and wetland in the country and contains many of the 700 waterways that the Bayou Bridge Pipeline will cross if completed. Shocking wildlife habitat destruction including the demolition of dozens of old growth cypress trees over 500 years old was found as the water protectors walked the pipeline easement to keep the machines stopped.

Most of the contracted Sunland workers were non-violent and engaged in conversation with the water protectors. However, one worker became aggressive and hit one of the water protectors with his truck. The water protector was not seriously injured. Later that night, the group of water protectors were found and harassed by local sheriffs at a restaurant miles away.

The next day, on the morning of May 2nd, a group of water protectors from the L’eau Est La Vie Resistance Camp stopped 12 welding trucks with 40+ workers from welding pipe together for the entire morning. Once Jefferson Davis Parish sheriffs came to the site, the water protectors were cited with misdemeanor criminal trespassing charges and released. A journalist also received the same citation.

“A lot of these cops are making good money moonlighting as private security for the Bayou Bridge Pipeline so it’s not surprising that they would cite water protectors for trespassing and not even question or detain a worker after he hit me with his truck,” said one of the water protectors.

#NoBBP #StopETP #NoBayouBridgePipeline

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The L’eau Est La Vie camp is protecting our water and our way of life from the Bayou Bridge pipeline.

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