Phone Zap to Support Dayvon Person


Call for phone cap to support prison rebel Dayvon Person.

Dayvon D. Person, #0941620, was charged with an inciting a riot that took place at Craggy Correctional Institution in North Carolina. Dayvon was just about to reach his minimum custody requirements in January after a year and a two months on good behavior.  Dayvon has been locked up for 10 years.  Since he was 17. He is asking that folks on the outside call with persistence, and ask these persons to hear his appeal for this false accusation.

Phone Zap:

Kenneth E. Lassiter (Director of Prison Facilities):

919 838 4000

919 838 3755

David Rogers (State Representative):

919 733 5749

Ralph Hise (NC Senator representing District 47):

919 733 3460

Express your concern through calling or writing the North Carolina Department of Public Safety:

512 North Salisbury Street
Raleigh, NC 27604




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