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Mar 20, 17

A Note on Insumisión

A little more than a year ago, the crew at It’s Going Down approached me about doing a regular, roundup-style post on resistance and repression in Mexico. Out of those discussions, Insumisión was born. Some may have noticed that there hasn’t been a new one posted since December, despite several significant developments in Mexico since the beginning of this year. For those who have read, shared, contributed to or otherwise provided support for the column, I wanted to provide a quick note of explanation and address any outstanding concerns.

Due to unanticipated personal circumstances, I have had to take a step back from actively following, translating and writing about revolt in Mexico. To be clear, this is not because of any pressure or repercussions due to the political nature of the content we’re producing. Nor is it due to any disagreement with It’s Going Down. If I were able to continue devoting time and attention to this project, I would absolutely do so and I wholeheartedly back the work of It’s Going Down. It’s amazing to see the project grow and has been an honor to contribute a small piece to that.

For months we plugged an upcoming trip to Mexico. Unfortunately, that has also been indefinitely postponed. All funds raised for the trip have been returned or distributed according to the donors’ wishes. My thanks to IGD, The Final Straw, subMedia, and all who worked to support it. I apologize in the end it did not happen and take full responsibility for that outcome.

My biggest regret is no longer, for the time being, contributing to the English-language amplification of the struggles and resistances in Mexico. While of course what happens there is not contingent upon one person writing about them on an anarchist website, IGD’s work has been noticed and appreciated and writing the column has been a source of education and inspiration for me. Fortunately, as regular visitors are aware, comrades have continued to submit solid translations to IGD and a big thanks to all of them.

This is in no way a goodbye, it’s just a readjustment. Thanks again to IGD and all its supporters for the opportunity.

¡Salud y anarquía!

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