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Oct 13, 15

A Reportback from Leif Erikson Day 2015

From Philly Antifa

Despite KSS co-founder Bob Gaus claiming on social media that LED 2015 would be on Saturday at Noon, as it had been almost ever previous year, when Anti-Fascists mobilized to confront them they were met with some very confused joggers and a Viking statue and gazebo that had been tagged with Anti-Fascist graffiti.

We waited around for a few hours, taunting KSS and Traditionalist Youth on twitter to come and “smash the reds” who were so patiently waiting like sitting ducks, but they demurred.

After it was clear they were not coming, we thanked those that had responded to the call and went to lunch with some new recruits/supporters who had come out to oppose the event where we sat around and talked about how improved the situation was in Philly in the past 4 years. So thanks for that, KSS.

Yesterday eventually a picture was posted on social media of the 2015 Leif Erikson Day celebration:


Much like pacific northwest Neo-Nazi Jascha Manny did when he called a demonstration in Olympia, WA on a day that did not exist, the boneheads from KSS seem to have trouble using a calendar and clock. That is definitely not noon.

Look, we realize that this was a deliberate ploy by KSS to feed us misinformation so that they could hold their little nighttime demo to an audience of none without Antifascist opposition. What we don’t understand is why KSS could possibly think that proves anything other than Philly Antifa has lots of local supporters willing to mobilize on unconfirmed intel with a few days’ notice to keep their city an Anti-Fascist zone.

Here’s some (not even all) of the opposition who showed up Saturday:


This crowd was at least 90% Philly people, with some support coming in from NJ and NYC Antifa. When we look at the pic from the KSS demo, we see people from all over PA, Indiana, Ohio and probably a handful of other places. Could it be any clearer that Philly KSS is just a couple guys and an e-mail address at this point? Hell, we remember when these guys were going to counter Mumia demos and attacking Rambo shows. Now you can’t even directly meet us with an advantage of months of planning and support coming from hundreds of miles away. They can bluster and brag all they want, but that has to hurt.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to come out and stand in solidarity with us. We are very proud of our city and the work everyone has done the past few years to drive Philly KSS underground and to the edge of extinction. Special shout out to NYC Antifa and NJ Antifa for making the trip.This fight isn’t over, but we are winning.

Eternal War on the Hitler Youth


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Philly Antifa is a Antifascist division operating in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding area. We are in direct conflict with Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Transphobia, and all the various other flavors of Fascism. Philly Antifa are anti-authoritarians and anti-nationalist. We do not work with the state or any groups/individuals who seek to “reign us in” or otherwise control us. We do seek meaningful partnerships and alliances with groups and individuals we feel are working towards similar aims.

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