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Jul 25, 19

Call for Abolitionist Summer Camp 2019

Call out for Abolitionist Summer Camp in mid-August in the area of so-called Maryland.

Join abolitionists from across the east coast for Abolitionist Summer Camp 2019, August 9-12th in the Maryland woods not too far from DC. Camp itinerary includes workshops, teach ins, recreational activities, communal meals, tabling opportunities and networking spaces. We will be offering skill-based workshops to help people level-up our community responses, mobilize effectively together and share useful knowledge more broadly within our networks.

We want the gathering to focus on people who have participated in intersectional leftism, decolonization, anti-colonial, anti-repression work, and abolitionism. This space is will not center on cis whiteness or machismo tendencies. We are trying to keep this gathering small, around 50-60 people, because of the organizers’ logistical capacity. Our intentions are to reserve many of the spaces for black, brown, indigenous and person of color femme, womxn, trans, gender non-conforming, two spirited. We seek to to center this ASC on the experiences both in mobilization, organizing, resistance outside the settler colonial leftist cis whitnesss agenda and voices. White folx are welcome. You must be willing to confront your own demons and internalized bigotry to avoid harm to others in the camp. We encourage all white comrades to come to orientation before the event starts, and read the zines listed below.

This event will be a camping experience and you must come prepared for rustic conditions. There will be no running water or indoor plumbing. Camp has porta potties and a water spigot nearby. Please bring extra gear to lend if you have any spare for comrades to use. We ask that you please don’t share this registration form on social media or otherwise put it on blast. Instead, please share it individually with people who you think would be interested and who are part of abolitionist networks. We appreciate it!

Suggested donation of $25-50 to cover general camp expenses. Please donate according to your means. If you can donate more, please do as it will go towards helping to assure all comrades can attend.

Click send registration donation.

Click you’re interested attending. Please register.

If you have any further questions about the event, email us at [email protected]Please give us 48 hours to respond simply because we have limited labor.

Note: we will be sending out the camp location closer to the event.

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