Abuse at the Allred Unit: Email Campaign for Jason Walker


Following his recent move from Ellis, rebel prisoner and writer Jason Walker has been subjected to further ill-treatment at the Allred Unit. His support crew is asking people to send emails in support.

Jason Walker’s support crew are asking for people to submit the following complaint to the TDCJ Ombudsman at ombudsman@tdcj.texas.gov.

Other relevant TDCJ officials can also be contacted at jimmy.smith@tdcj.texas.gov (Allred Unit Warden), David.Blackwell@tdcj.texas.gov (Regional Director overseeing the Allred Unit), David.Reed@tdcj.texas.gov (from the Regional Office overseeing the unit), Shane.Hembree@tdcj.texas.gov (same), and kenyon.page@ttuhsc.edu (Senior Medical Director)


To the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Ombudsman Coordinator,

I am making a formal complaint on behalf of Jason Renard Walker, #1532092, regarding his treatment by staff when he arrived on January 11 at the Allred Unit.

He writes: “When I arrived here on 1/11/19 around 8:00 a.m. I was forced to stand outside in the cold rain for nearly 30 minutes. I was put inside 12 building C pod 3 cell without anything and held there until around 5:30 p.m. The entire time it was extremely cold… I was denied blankets, sheets, toilet paper, etc. …”

At 5:30, he was again forced to stand outside in the rain for another half hour. He was denied a shower for at least 5 days since his transfer out of the Ellis Unit. He was fed peanut butter despite his allergy to that. He wanted to be checked by a nurse for fear of having caught pneumonia from the cold and the rain, but this was not granted. He was denied his regular medications.

As of 1/14/19, Jason has not received his PTSD medication, blankets, toilet paper, or soap. His efforts to get these items have gone unanswered. It is freezing cold at the unit yet he does not have access to blankets.

They are repeatedly ignoring his peanut, bean (legume), and fish allergy. Every tray consists of beans and the alternate to fish is beans. The alternative to beans is peanut butter. Jason was told by pod officers that the kitchen said it would be a week or so before they could put him on the diet list, but it is a medical problem. He either has to eat food that compromises his health or eat what is left. Michael Bailey #1059301 is a Muslim who has the same issues. He’s being forced to eat pork trays (he does not eat them) and peanut butter or eat nothing at all. The head chaplain notified the correct officials but nothing is being done. In the rare events he did talk guards into finding him a pork free tray, it came back ice cold like it had been in a refrigerator. And this is being done after he received it in an untimely manner (well after feeding time) forcing him to hold the tray in his cell, which can draw bugs and rats.

I request the following in order to resolve these issues: 1) Consistently issue Jason his medication. 2) Consistently provide Bailey with his pork/peanut free trays that aren’t below room temperature. 3) Provide Jason with 2 blankets, toilet paper, soap, and a jacket. 4) Consistently provide Jason with his bean/peanut/fish free trays that aren’t below room temperature 5) Provide rationale to why these problems are being allowed to manifest into health and safety concerns despite prisoners using every available channel that’s supposed to address these issues.

The responsible parties for these issues are: warden Jimmy S. Smith, Food Service IV manager Ingrid Y. Ward, Senior director FHA (medical), Kenyon Page, and the High Security ECB Laundry Manager. Officials should be made aware of these issues and have them resolved.

I look forward to these issues being resolved, and I will continue to stay in touch until they are resolved.

[your name here]

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