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Dec 24, 20

After Brutal Attack, Far-Right Militia Leader Chris Hill Threatens Atlanta Mutual Aid Event

Following attack on counter-protesters in Atlanta, Georgia, far-Right militia member Chris Hill is now threatening mutual aid program.

Chris Hill AKA “General BloodAgent” leads the far-right ‘III% Security Force” (III%SF) / “Georgia Security Force.” This group has brutally attacked counter-protesters, threatened mosques, spreads division, stokes violence, and has suffered numerous splits because Hill menaces even his own followers.

Hill’s latest bid for attention? Threatening to attack mutual aid events in Atlanta. These events help unhoused individuals and proclaim that every Atlantan must have access to food.

In a recent video rant, Hill stated he’d be coming to Woodruff Park this Saturday (December 26th) and “every Saturday from now until forever” to harass a weekly mutual aid event that feeds unhoused people in downtown Atlanta. This event, hosted by a coalition of activists, anti-fascists, and concerned community members, feeds dozens of hungry people each week, helping to care for those who are neglected by the city, the state, and many in our society.

Hill’s threat is clear and specific. On Saturday, December 12, III%SF assaulted unarmed community members. Hill stationed riflemen along the route of activists, who were counter-protesting a right-wing rally to subvert the election process. Later that day, Hill and more than a dozen followers cornered four activists. The attack led to several injuries and only ended when others arrived to protect their comrades.

Local police have witnessed Hill and his sycophants’ unlawful and violent behavior but looked the other way. This was partially explained when ​one of Chris Hill’s followers was revealed as a trainer for Oak Grove Tech, a company that provides tactical training for police and military. ​ With close links between law enforcement and far-right militias such as III%SF, we know that the people, not the police, must defend our community. We must protect us.

Every Saturday for weeks, activists have cared for and fed unhoused individuals at Woodruff Park. Many of Atlanta’s most vulnerable citizens now count on this event, as a rare opportunity for a warm meal with no strings attached. Chris Hill and his extremists must NOT be allowed to disrupt this event, harming activists or those they serve. We call all Atlantans – and all decent people who stand against right-wing violence – to defend the regular mutual aid event.

We the people must defend, protect, and serve each other. We must defend, protect, and serve our unhoused comrades. It is reprehensible to target already vulnerable populations, in a misguided attempt at political revenge. While Hill’s posturing is disgusting, the threat is real and must be taken seriously.

Show up on Saturday! 10AM, Woodruff Park, Atlanta.

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