I write this as a short and simple communique of simple acts of public revolutionary agitation and sabotage in the downtown LA area. With around 30 stickers in hand and a few markers I walked around downtown LA, being sure to hit the parts of the city with the most yuppie businesses (not hard to find).

Walking around I slapped them up in any place I could find, bus stops, gates, windows (I apologize for not taking photos but found it difficult with staying around with so many people around). I have no claim in these simple slaps and tags I’m doing some grand action.

But in my main objective I believe I can say it was a success, in simplistic sabotage and hopefully minor agitation of mainstream apolitical society. Hoping this causes some to think, and others see there are more of us out there. Hope I get to see more in the streets doing the same. See you in the streets brothers and sisters.

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