All Out to Stop the Pipelines in Virginia: Updates and Call for Support


We knew this time was coming.

The ACP and the MVP have both received approval from the FERC and both greedy companies are beginning to cut trees, clear land and sue landowners for trespassing rights.

We tried our hardest to stop these destructive projects at the regulatory level but we have always known that action beyond those processes would be necessary. We will continue to support regulatory and judicial efforts as we believe in a multi pronged approach to this fight, though there are some of us for which this is no longer a viable option. It will take a diversity of tactics to defeat these pipelines.

We believe that direct action is an imperative part of the multi pronged approach and we are committed to helping to create a culture of resistance to the fossil fuel industry in VA. We believe direct action is necessary to win.

Pockets of focused resistance are being organized along both pipelines routes. More details will become available soon, and your help is desperately needed.

This stage of the fight will take a ton of resources and all your help is appreciated. We need you to spread the word about these pipelines and the coming resistance. We need you to share your resources with us. We need your bodies.

We stand in solidarity with all communities that seek to stop these pipelines. We believe in autonomy, collective power and a diversity of tactics. We believe we can win.

Keep it in the ground,



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