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Sep 19, 15

All the News You Didn’t Even Know Was Going Down

In Bloomington, Indiana, people took to the streets in masks against a reported sexual assault that many allege local police witnessed, but did nothing to stop. According to the Indiana Student Daily

Students Against State Violence wore all black and bandanas around their faces during their Demonstration Against Patriarchal Assault rally Thursday night.

The group gathered in front of the Sample Gates for a soapbox-style forum on rape culture at IU and in Bloomington. They marched down Kirkwood Avenue in front of bars in response to a recent reported rape behind Kilroy’s Dunnkirk on August 29.

The group’s flyer claimed an IU Police Department officer witnessed the crime but did not arrest the perpetrator, who walked free.

People block[ed] the Kirkwood and Dunn intersection…after flares were thrown onto the patio on the Upstairs Bar and on the roof of Kilroy’s on Kirkwood.

Meanwhile, in Madison, WI, people marched against rape and in solidarity with a survivor.

In Portland, demonstrators held a “Night of Rage” on the 9th anniversary of the police beating James Chasse to death. They carried torches and spray painted slogans on the walls of banks.

In Chicago, marches against the police killing of Rekia Boyd met up with the hunger strikers fighting for the re-opening of the shuttered Chicago Dyett School. Check out these scenes from the streets.

Meanwhile in Mexico:

Police continued to repress the student movement as the Mexican State has proclaimed that they have caught a Narco gang leader that is supposedly behind the missing 43 students.

In Tlaxcala, Mexico, students went hard, blocking freeways and clashing with the police.

In Portland, people started a tree-sit to block the path of developers and save several old-growth trees. Check out Earth First! Journal for more info.

Actions also continued against fracking, ‘bomb-trains,’ and extraction industries.

In other US news, the amount of people killed by police this year as of this writing was 853. Meanwhile, people continued to take to the streets in protest.

Stockton pigs received a lot of media attention after a video surfaced of them brutally attacking a young person with a baton for jaywalking.

In labor news, over 1,000 school bus drivers threatened to strike, a lock-out of Steelworkers continued in various states, as the Tucson bus-driver strike looks like it is winding down, and meanwhile teachers in Seattle faced a sell-out contract. Despite repeated talk of an ‘economic recovery,’ poverty rates and income stagnated compared to last year, new reports say.

For those watching our enemies on the Right, protests continued to preserve the Confederate Flag and attracted fascists and racists to their ranks.

A Mississippi woman’s car was attacked and a Confederate flag was left behind. The woman stated she believes she was targeted because she is African-American.

White Nationalists and Neo-Nazis goosesteped to stand behind Ann Coulter for making a series of anti-Semitic tweets. Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to trudge even farther to the racist Right.

Speaking of which, thanks to everyone that shared and read out latest piece on Matthew Heimbach and the Traditionalist Youth Network. It’s currently our most popular article yet. It has also been updated to reflect the concerns of Orthodox Christians who have written to us, noting that Heimbach was quickly excommunicated from the church several weeks after he joined.  We also want to encourage people to check out Alexander Ross’s piece on how Heimbach fascist ideas fit into a growing movement of racist nationalism sweeping Europe.

Also, thanks to all the podcasts, websites, and projects that have been giving us links, props, and shout-outs where they are do! Please, if you like what we do, link us and help get the word out.

Keep reading, keep submitting, keep fighting, and keep writing. We’ve only just gotten started. 

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