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Mar 20, 18

All the News You Didn’t Even Know Was Going Down

The political crisis grows in DC, as Jeff Sessions fired the Deputy Director of the FBI. In response:

Former CIA Director John Brennan, speaking for much of the intelligence apparatus, replied to the McCabe firing with a declaration of extraordinary ferocity. He tweeted Saturday at Trump, “When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America… America will triumph over you.”

While the Democratic Party champions these splits within the ruling class, there is no one section to cheer, as largely the differences between the “Deep State’ and the proto-fascists of the Trump administration, break primarily over who to bomb first and to what degree to attack the poor and working-class.

Meanwhile, there is growing anxiety and anger within the US, manifesting itself in the form of increasing strikes, riots, and demonstrations. While the DNC is attempting to put a wet blanket over this growing resistance, at the same time, a new sense of confidence is growing within autonomous struggles, as well as the understanding that the ‘official’ organizations: the parties, the union bureaucrats, and the non-profits, are just as much a part of the enemy apparatus as the cops.

In that spirit, let’s get to the news.

Indigenous Resistance

An update on the struggle against Alton Gas in so-called Nova Scotia:

Also in so-called Flagstaff, Arizona on March 24th:

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Unsheltered relatives are organizing, please stand with them. Perhaps one of the most significant demonstrations to hit Kinlani/Flagstaff in a long time. Saturday, March 24 – 12p at Heritage Square, Downtown Flagstaff. Stand with us against racism and racial profiling of unsheltered relatives on the street. #sleepisnotacrime #rallyagainstracism #nofilter #unsheltered #taalahooghaninfoshop

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Killing the Black Snake

There are now pipeline resistance camps and tree sits in Virginia and West Virigina. There have also been solidarity rallies in Virginia and West Virginia to show community support for this resistance. How fuckin rad is that?!

Things are heating up at Camp Cloud in so-called British Columbia. Check out their Facebook page here and the #CampCloud hashtag:

Also, from Rising Tide North America:

Early this morning Terry Christenson, a 70-year old Grandfather of two, and former Juno nominee, scaled a tree on the inside of Kinder Morgan’s fence (Westridge terminal side) and erected a mid-air camp suspended from its trunk. Terry constructed the high-flying structure to stop Kinder Morgan’s proposed tree clearing which is being done to enable the company’s drilling through Burnaby Mountain.

Resistance to the Bayou Bridge pipeline continues, as actions keep shutting down construction of the project, which is the southern end of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Follow L’eau Est La Vie camp for more info:

Class War

Redneck Revolt in Colorado Springs was out in the streets, feeding people:

In West Virginia, a strike of communication workers continues, as scabs are brought in:

Day 3. – CWA Strike on Frontier Communications. Contact Frontier Customer Service 1-800-921-8101Corporate Office. 1-203-614-5600CEO Dan McCarthy. [email protected]

Derek McIntyre 发布于 2018年3月6日周二

Big news in Montreal for the Wobblies, a group of workers who do subtitling work has now joined the union in several stores. Non-profit workers in the Seattle area have also joined the union. Welcome!

Last Friday, teachers in New Jersey walked off the job on strike and even blocked scab teachers from coming in. They were also joined on the picket lines by students. While union ‘leaders’ sent strikers back to work on Monday, hopefully rank-n-file workers can take the struggle into their own hands.

Teachers in Puerto Rico went on strike for one day across the island against attempts by disaster capitalists to privatize the school system and switch students over to a system of vouchers. We are hearing reports of awesome things, like teachers running free schools in squatted buildings, and hope to have more to report soon!

Folks in Philly have been bitten by the anti-Amazon bug! Follow their new account below for updates:

In Seattle, Maru Mora went to her first hearing on the State’s efforts to deport her, while outside, people rallied in support:

Today, March 15th Maru Mora faced ICE or the first time in her first immigration hearing. We thank those who came out to support and rally in support for Maru, against the ICE and we leave today in celebration that Maru is not in ICE custody and that there are so many others facing persecution via imprisonment and deportation for lack of documentation.

We urge you to support all those you can facing or at risk of deportation. This fight is not over until there is no more ICE and the human cages come crashing down.

Finally, comrades in the Autonomous Tenants Union in Chicago continue to put in the work against the landlords. Check out the call in campaign here.


In Montreal, things got fierce in the streets on March 15th, as they have for the past 22 years. Check out these awesome pics:

264 people have been killed by American law enforcement since the start of 2018, according to Killed by Police. In Elgin, Illinois:

More than 100 protesters marched in Elgin Sunday to call for justice in a police-involved shooting.

Decynthia Clements, 34, was killed Monday morning after an hour-long standoff with Elgin police on Interstate 90. Protesters said police had no reason to kill Clements, who weighed only 90 pounds and was armed with a knife.

The protesters gathered in front of the Elgin police station. Elgin Police Chief Jeffrey Swoboda said he has met privately with many of those who protested.

Among those marching were several of Clement’s relatives, who said they want answers. Clements left behind a teenaged son.

Lieutenant Christian Jensen, who shot Clements, has been placed on paid administrative leave during an investigation by Illinois State Police, Elgin officials said.

Swoboda has promised to publicly release dash- or bodycam video of the shooting once state police are done with it. He said he hopes to release it by the end of the week.

Protesters said the shooting is symptomatic of a longstanding problem.

“That’s why we all out here,” said Reverend Leonard Williams, Sr. “Today it’s her. Tomorrow it could be somebody else’s child.”

Organizers said the protest will continue every night this week.

Prison organizing continues with #OperationPUSH in Florida. Recent action against attacks on visitations won a new public hearing on the matter. Stay up here.

Bash the Fash

In Oakland, over 30 people mobilized in a short amount of time to defend Hasta Muerte Coffee, a radical anti-authoritarian POC owned space in East Oakland. The shop came under attack from a collection of Alt-Lite trolls and MAGA muppets, who were upset that the space refuses to sell coffee to police. We’re sure we can expect a report from locals soon, but long story short, the fash didn’t last long, and soon, a line for a hot cup of that Hasta was literally out the door with no problems.

Meanwhile in the Pacific Northwest, the day after a pro-refugee rally, members of the Proud Boys threw a smoke canister at the window of a local comrade. From the Pacific Northwest Antifascist Worker Collective Facebook:

Last night after 11:00 pm in Portland Oregon someone who we presume to be Patriot Prayer allies on the far right drove by an activists home and attempted to throw a lit smoke bomb through the window of the activists house where small children also live, luckily the window did not break fully. This type of smoke bomb emits a flame and could have burned the home down killing everyone inside. This is just a day after local Antifascists stopped a group of Patriot Prayer allied bigots from entering a family event supporting refugees and immigrants. The bigots had showed to harass and film the responses of event goers to upload to their YouTube’s where they earn income for views, but were stopped and driven away by local area antifascists. This attempt at arson and possible murder appears to be a direct response to that. Patriot Prayer allies have always been violent, this we all know but be aware they are now targeting people’s homes and they have no regard for life even if children are present. Please be watchful and aware as we do not know if this is a one time event or if there will be more attacks.

In some good Pacific Northwest news, a neo-Nazi that attended Unite the Right that worked as a mortgage consultant has been fired from their job due to antifa organizing.

Meanwhile, people in the Southwestern US are supporting their favorite teams and throwing signs for antifa. Check them shits out:

In Tempe, Arizona, there was a march in support of a local mosque that was targeted by local “Patriots” with vandalism and harassment:

And now, for the obligatory Nazi propaganda ripping and or/antifa sticker porn:

Mark your calendars, because what is left of the Alt-Right, largely the suit and tie, “keep your cultural marxism off my yacht” Identity Evropa crowd, will be holding a conference in Burns, Tennessee. People on the ground are mobilizing:

Lastly, in New Orleans on the 25th of March:

International Solidarity

Solidarity actions are taking place all over in solidarity with Afrin:

People are also making noise for Russian anarchists and antifascists who are facing repression from the State:

Mexico On Fire

People went on strike at UNAM:

One person died in clashes in Veracruz, after people responded to police ticketing people by dragging their asses out of the city:

Lastly, nurses in Chiapas have launched a hunger strike:

Shout Outs

Mark Bray talks are coming up.

Some rich developer scum bag is attempting to kick out a set of Portland DIY businesses including the homies at Eberhardt Press. Help them out and check out this dope video here.

Rest in power Anna Campbell, a Wobbly and anarchist who gave their life fighting ISIS and the Turkish State alongside members of the YPJ and YPG. Read a statement from some of their comrades here.

People are taking action on March 24th in solidarity with Afrin. Find a demo here or organize one on your own.

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