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Sep 15, 17

All the News You Didn’t Even Know Was Going Down

Irma is over, but the scars that the storm has left reveal the drastic contradictions and problems coming to the fore in the United States, as struggles erupt in a variety of places across North America. As the case with Harvey, many people affected by the storm won’t be able to qualify for insurance and will instead have to rely on some sort of government program, largely loans. In some areas of Florida, decaying infrastructure means that some people will be without power for weeks. Meanwhile, the poor, the elderly, and those excluded from daily life are the more vulnerable. Already, several elderly people have died after being locked within a retirement home and exposed to high heat in the wake of the storm, despite the fact that they asked for help three times before baking alive. Meanwhile, heat waves even in the bay area are killing people, as global warming starts to have real consequences for those living even within the heart of the empire.

In the face of this, the government more and more is showing itself to be a self-serving organism for the elites and unable to carry out basic functions and perform services for the majority of the population. At the same time, as Trump reaches across the isle and attempts to come to a compromise with Democrats about how to deal with the ending of the DACA program who’s destruction he helped set in motion, much of his base threatens to splinter and break away from him. Some MAGA mutants are so pissed, they are even posting photos of themselves burning their Trump hats. Some have theorized that such a compromise between Trump and the Democrats would mean keeping DREAMers in a state of second class citizenship while also continuing to militarize the border.

Meanwhile, the release of 2016 Census data only confirms what all of us already are living within: social inequality is increasing along with debt and the cost of living. This report has been released amidst a push by the Trump administration to slash taxes for corporations, impose health care ‘reform’ which will mean higher costs and less care for millions, and continuing to transfer massive amounts of wealth out of the hands of the poor and working-class and into the hands of the neoliberal elite.

Indigenous Resistance

Resistance to Kinder Morgan by First Nations in so-called British Columbia is ongoing, and as already reported on IGD, people are building tiny homes in the path of a proposed pipeline:

Instead of a controversial 1,150 kilometre pipeline, a crew of Indigenous land defenders and their allies have been putting the finishing touches on a seven-by-twelve foot house near Kamloops, BC. They say it’s the first of ten going up along the 518-kilometre stretch where the Trans Mountain expansion crosses the Secwepemc Nation’s unceded territory. A Secwepemc assembly earlier this summer declared its opposition to the pipeline.

If all goes according to plan, construction leader Kanahus Manuel says the micro-houses will block the project from ever getting built.

The Texas oil giant confirmed last week it still plans to break ground on the Trans Mountain expansion project this month. The company will apparently now have to tear down environmentally-friendly housing on Indigenous land if it’s going to successfully ship 900,000 barrels of Alberta bitumen a day across to British Columbia’s southern coast.

In Winnipeg, a judge has ordered a protest encampment to clear out:

Protesters occupying the Parker Lands development in Winnipeg have been ordered by a judge to leave the property and clean up all their belongings by 6 p.m. Friday.

The order is part of an injunction granted by Court of Queen’s Bench Justice James Edmond Thursday afternoon.

The Parker Lands property was acquired in a land swap with the City of Winnipeg by two numbered companies connected to local developer Gem Equities.

Protesters have occupied the Fort Garry property in two encampments since July. They oppose the clearing of forested areas on the property and argue the area has historical and cultural significance to Métis and Indigenous communities.

Work on the property — which the owners described as “pre-development” — came to a standstill with the arrival of the protesters on July 14.


Protests are continuing in St. Louis after a judge let Jason Stockley off the hook for murdering an African-American man, Anthony Lamar Smith, in 2011.

Protesters have blocked streets and free ways, and some of the protesters are armed. One report which accompanied the picture on the top of this column wrote:

Men hold rifles as they walk down with a group of protesters, Friday, Sept. 15, 2017, in downtown St. Louis, after a judge found a white former St. Louis police officer, Jason Stockley, not guilty of first-degree murder in the death of a black man, Anthony Lamar Smith.

At the time of this writing, protests continue to grow more heated:

According to one report:

The St. Louis Police Department tweeted Friday evening that the protests were “no longer considered peaceful,” as protesters threw bottles at officers, smashed police vehicle windshields, largely ignored officers’ requests to clear a roadway – ultimately leaving at least four cops with minor injuries.

Check our roundup here.

Killing the Black Snake

In Hamilton, Ontario pipelines were sabotaged according to an anonymous communique posted to Anarchist News

Pipelines are war; one built from the insatiable greed of corporations which have normalized violence against the land and its living. Our resolve within this struggle intensifies with each audacious assault Enbridge launches; each time they dismiss the concerns and requests of Indigenous Nations. Every court proceeding. Every act of intimidation. Every lie or false claim of safety or necessity. We’ve had enough.

So back when Enbridge started shipping in pipeline segments for their line 10 expansion, we started sabotaging them.

There are vast networks of pipeline infrastructure throughout Turtle Island. They are indefensible; perfect opportunities for effective direct action that harms nothing but an oil company’s bottom line. It’s in this spirit that we found ourselves going for long moonlit strolls through the trenches of the freshly dug line10 right-of-way. Wherever we felt the urge, we drilled various sized holes into pipeline segments while spilling corrosives inside others.

We do this in solidarity with the Indigenous peoples of this area. A people who have been displaced, threatened and murdered since early colonial arrivals – who still continue to face this violence. Who suffer the consequences of this colonial capitalist society and the industries which drive it.

So – to Enbridge: You’re gonna want to replace every last section of line 10 that’s been laid out so far. We say this because we care for the environment, and don’t care about you – so take it seriously. And for every dollar you pursue from Indigenous Nations or individuals for defending their territories, we aim to cost you ten. #sorrynotsorry

To the public: It’s up to you to hold Enbridge accountable – in everything they do. Don’t let them risk your lives by installing pipelines they now know to be compromised. Don’t let them risk lives by installing pipelines, period.

In Wisconsin:

Five people were arrested during protests Thursday, Sept. 14, after blocking entrances at an Enbridge pipeline contractor in Superior.

It was the sixth “lockdown” protest in roughly three weeks by people identifying themselves as water protectors, and the first one inside the city limits.

The protesters against the Line 3 project locked themselves to their vehicles and attempted to block two gates outside the entrances to the Michels Corp. facility on Stinson Avenue. Authorities arrived en masse and, after hours of negotiation, ended up cutting through the locking devices used by protesters.

“We tried to first negotiate,” said Assistant Superior Police Chief Matt Markon. “As a last resort we had to get them out of the positions they’d put themselves in.”

The protesters were arrested on misdemeanor charges ranging from trespassing and resisting arrest to disorderly conduct — including one woman who Markon said elevated the protest by using loud profanity. They remained in the Douglas County Jail as of Thursday afternoon.

In Tennessee, several people were arrested at Tennessee Gas Co. HQ:

Another round of anti-pipeline protests and arrests here Wednesday stalled pipeline workers and pulled more than 20 Massachusetts State Police troopers into the area.

A total of 10 activists were arrested at or near the local Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. headquarters on South Beech Plain Road, a dirt road that intersects a farm and the company’s nearly completed and existing natural gas pipelines.

Protesters from both Sugar Shack Alliance and a water protector camp in Central Massachusetts began the blockade around 11 a.m. while another group that dubbed themselves the “pink police” knocked on the door at company headquarters, and presented a mock arrest warrant for Kinder Morgan Executive Chairman Richard Kinder and former Vice Chairman William Morgan. 

Kinder Morgan is the parent company of Tennessee Gas.

Meanwhile in Louisiana, people have started floating protest camps:

Whenever Energy Transfer Partners does eventually break ground, it will find Louisianans blocking the way — literally. Activists, spiritual leaders, and indigenous organizers have drawn inspiration from the Standing Rock camp to create the L’Eau Est La Vie (“Water is Life” in the indigenous-colonial Houma French language) camp. The small camp floats in an undisclosed location in the swamps. Anyone who wants to join the camp must be thoroughly vetted first to weed out potential infiltrators.

The L’Eau Est La Vie camp isn’t the only group that’s taken inspiration from Standing Rock. Elise Gerhart, a leader of Camp White Pine in southern Pennsylvania, also joined the float on Saturday. While L’Eau Est La Vie organizers have taken to the swamps, Gerhart and her camp have a different approach: they’ve built their camp in the boughs of three white pine trees remaining in the path of the Mariner East 2 pipeline. The camp is on Gerhart’s property, but Sunoco has claimed the land using eminent domain. A judge recently ordered Camp White Pine to disband or face arrest, but the tree sit has persisted.

Since Bayou Bridge has not yet started construction, L’Eau Est La Vie campers haven’t yet had to face a standoff like in Pennsylvania or at Standing Rock. But they’re ready. For now, they’re focused on prayer and protest, but organizers said they would physically stand in ETP’s way if necessary.

“We’re in the trees, we’re in the water, we’re on the prairie, we’re in the bayous,” Foytlin said. “There’s no way this company can keep up their horrible ways.”

Camp White Pine, who we interviewed in a past episode of the IGDCAST, has an infiltrator alert. They write:

Back in June 2017, Camp White Pine experienced an uptick in attempted infiltration. SOME entity sent no less than three infiltrators to the Huntingdon area who used various tactics to try to scheme their way into the movement.

One of them called herself “Aly Patrick.” She made contact with a local person who had been prominently in support of the Gerharts’ efforts to #StopETP since last year while that local was working in a public place. She befriended them, claiming she had moved to the area because of the lake, and because her online job allowed her freedoms. She asked a lot of questions, but couldn’t even answer the question of who her specific “online” employer was. She came to public rallies and was incredibly enthusiastic. However, she strategically avoided cameras at those events.

“Aly” claimed not to use any social media platforms. We found a picture of her anyway, taken at one of the rallies she attended. She was last seen driving a white sedan with Virgina plates and gave a phone number with a Tennessee area code. Please share with your networks, and help make sure “Aly” never succeeds in infiltrating any water protector movements.

Lastly in Minnesota:

Five people were arrested during protests on Thursday after blocking the entrances at an Enbridge pipeline contractor in Superior. It was the sixth “lockdown” protest in roughly three weeks by people identifying themselves as water protectors, and the first one inside the city limits.

The protesters against the Line 3 project locked themselves to their vehicles and attempted to block two gates outside the entrances to the Michels Corp. facility on the 5300 block of Stinson Avenue. Authorities arrived en masse and, after hours of negotiation, ended up cutting through the locking devices used by protesters.

Break the Borders

Over 3,000 Berkeley High School students formed a human chain around their school in solidarity with classmates who are DACA recipients:

Berkeley High School students on Friday walked out of class and formed a human chain around their campus to protest the ending of DACA program.

About 3,000 students left their classes just before third period, chanting, “No ban! No wall! Education for all!”

Large scale protests have also continued in large cities.

Autonomous Disaster Relief

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief continues their efforts. Their latest update is here:

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief is responding to TX, LA, and FL. If you can lend a hand cleaning and doing debris removal, donate a tool, organize a donation drive, provide childcare, really anything, please do so! We rely on autonomous direct action, mutual aid, and solidarity, and that means you!

If you are in the Texas area and can lend a hand with mucking and gutting this weekend, allies at West Street Recovery will be working in partnership with the Black Women’s Defense League, #DAC and #BLMHOU in the Lakewood area to continue assisting the community impacted by #HurricaneHarvey.

If you can’t assist with physical labor on the cleanup/demo crews, you can still help with skills involving Spanish translation, distribution of supplies, and/or providing medical assistance/assessments.

Meet #BLMHOU outside Lakewood Park for Community Clean Up Day. Wear jeans and closed toed shoes (boots are better).

They will provide: gloves, mask, goggles, tools and cleaning supplies.

Saturday’s event:’s event: reach out and SHARE! You can make a donation to support Texas efforts at our Action Network page as well as buying requested items needed to further cleanup and recovery efforts by going to our Texas Amazon Wishlist page. Supplies are being directed to West Street Recovery and other allies working on the front lines of community led and determined response.

For more info, go here and check out Redneck Revolt Houston for updates in Texas. Here’s one report of recent efforts:

“There are kids out here sleeping in wet beds,” he says, describing residents who are now facing the very real physical damages of the storm.

This is how the Bayou Action Street Health (BASH) found Eduardo. BASH is coordinating individuals across the United States who are interested in participating in community relief efforts. The Texas-based community organization coordinated with Eduardo, sending him volunteers to help with the houses. Through this partnership, SAMS leadership met Eduardo and witnessed his tireless work to support an underserved community.

Eduardo remarks how volunteers have flown in from across the country to help. He is continuing his work, coordinating with volunteers to help residents make their homes livable again. Next week, on Sunday and Monday, SAMS will be providing medical services in the neighborhoods of Lakewood/Tidwell, and we are coordinating with Eduardo to provide services.

Eduardo and his team have so far, gutted 15 houses, and are still going. We are inspired by Eduardo’s dedication to the community, and his determination to help the residents of the Lakewood community.

Class War

Wobblies are supporting a strike in Vermont:

In Portland, members of the Burgerville Workers Union, wobblies, and community groups are taking part in a week of action for renters. More info here.

We also gotta give it up for UAW workers in NYC for this dope ass banner.

Bash the Fash

Billionaire Mercer family puppet Milo Yiannapoulos kicked off his “free speech” week at UC Berkeley with a speaker no one under 50 actually cares about, Ben Shapiro. Up to 1,000 showed up outside of the speech to confront Alt-Right trolls who crawled out of their holes to momentarily stop screaming racial slurs over group chat. Members of the Proud Boys were in attendance, as was Canadian MAGA mutant and Alt-Right livestreamer Lauren Southern and SoCal based white nationalist fake news outlet, The Red Elephants. 

Kyle “Douche Bagman” Chapman was also in attendance, doing what he does best, being totally protected by the police and trying to goad people into violence. Later that night, Chapman started a rumor that a white woman was stabbed by antifascists, however even the Berkeley police quickly called bullshit. Check out the thread below.

Students at UC Berkeley also held a sit-in in one building, and people have called for campus wide actions to begin next week as well as a mass march. Check Berkeley Antifa for future updates:

In Minneapolis, student held an antifascist rally:

Also, speaking of Basedturdman, Philly Antifa has a pretty damning report about how his ‘military wing’ of LARPers worked with neo-Nazis in Charlottesville here and both Colorado Springs Antifa and Nebraska Antifa have some good local updates as well as a new site. Check em!

J20: Drop the Charges

A judge has thrown out a motion to dismiss charges against J20 arrestees, meaning that the fight is still ongoing:

A D.C. Superior Court judge has denied a series of motions to dismiss the charges against the near-200 people surrounding the property destruction and chaos in downtown D.C. on Inauguration Day.

Those accused of felony rioting and other charges face decades in prison. Dozens of defense lawyers packed into a courtroom at D.C. Superior Court in late July to argue that those charges should be dropped, because the indictment treated the defendants as one big group rather than as individuals.

“The government comes in and says my client is liable for a felony—all they’ve established is that he’s arrested, not even what he did during the march,” defense attorney Veronice Holt argued in July. “You can’t just say, ‘As many people as the government can catch need to stand trial.'”

But Judge Lynn Leibovitz writes in her decision that the charging document has all of the necessary specificity to go to trial. The government says that all of the defendants operated as part of the “black bloc,” using those tactics to commit violence and evade identification. Because the government is using aiding and abetting and conspiracy liability, “each defendant charged in the indictment may be liable for the acts of others alleged in the indictment,” writes the judge.

Also, check out this podcast, Citations Needed, about how #TheResistance has warmed to the Right and thrown anarchist, antifa, and anti-Trump protesters under the bus. Listen here.

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