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Jan 4, 19

#AllOut Against the Klan at Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park, Feb 2nd

A call for a mass mobilization against the KKK in Georgia at Stone Mountain Park on February 2nd.

On February 2, 2019, the Ku Klux Klan are planning a white power rally to spread their message of hate. They want us to be afraid of them. We must organize to oppose them.

If the Klan holds another Rock Stone Mountain II rally on February 2, 2019, we must be present in large numbers, bearing a bouquet of tactics to prevent them. We must bring a clear message: Hate has no place here.

Why Stone Mountain?

Stone Mountain is the birthplace of the modern KKK and a continued site of historical importance for the Klan. The carvings of Confederate generals on the side of the mountain were commissioned by white supremacists as a testament to the values of the Old South.

The Park was purchased by the state of Georgia as a direct affront to the Civil Rights movement. The preservation of the monument (and others like it) is enshrined into Georgia law. This racist legacy lives on, and organized white supremacists, emboldened by the election of Trump, want us to be afraid.

Why Us?

In the face of all these horrors, we are not powerless.

Immediately after the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, 40,000 people took the streets to shut down white supremacists in Boston. Across the Southeast, Confederate monuments – once thought untouchable – came crashing down through protest and mass action. In April 2016, anti-racists converged on Stone Mountain to shut down the KKK.

Why Now?

Political tensions have grown over the last few years, and white supremacists have been steadily bolstered by rhetoric from Trump and other political leaders. Anti-immigrant attacks, border militarization, anti-semitism, sexual assault, and the erasure of trans-identity are daily battles. The president has even attacked birthright citizenship: the cornerstone of legal rights for minorities in this country. Pipe bombs are mailed to public figures who criticize Trump. Far-right militias are forming across the nation, and white supremacists are becoming more public and outspoken. Violent attacks against minorities at synagogues and Black churches have escalated since Dylann Roof’s massacre in 2015.

And here in Georgia, thousands of mishandled votes this November showed us that politics alone cannot stop the violence. If we want to change this reality, we must organize.

We stand by the Points of Unity used in the 2016 Response to the KKK on Stone Mountain:

  • Our solidarity is grounded in a shared opposition to white supremacy. In our coordinating efforts, we will not tolerate behavior that perpetuates the oppression of marginalized people.
  • Police, politicians, and government authorities will not solve the problem of racism for us. We must rely on each other to end white supremacy. We support grassroots anti-racist coordination in our schools, workplaces, and on the streets.
  • We aim to create a culture of trust, solidarity, and support in our mobilization. We recognize that participants have different ideas, abilities, and perspectives on how to best obstruct white supremacist efforts. Our opposition will be stronger if we understand our diversity as an asset.

  • Our diversity means that no one person can speak on behalf of all participants in the actions against white supremacy. No person can decide the actions someone else should take. We must be consciousness of how our actions impact those most vulnerable and at-risk amongst us.


All out Atlanta
Antifa International
Atlanta Abolition
Atlanta Antifascists
Atlanta Black Cross
Atlanta Food Not Bombs
Atlanta General Defense Committee
Atlanta Industrial Workers of the World
Atlanta Resistance Medics
Atlanta Solidarity Fund
Atlanta Ultras
Asheville Anti-Racism (NC)
A World Without Police
Counterpoint Hackerspace
De-Confederate Austin (TX)
Feed the People Farms
Gainesville Redneck Revolt (FL)
Holler Network
Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee – Atlanta chapter
Jewish Antifascist Coalition of the Triangle (NC)
Lexington Anti-Racist Action (KY)
Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America
Mississippi Rising Coalition
North Georgia Socialist Rifle Association
On Our Own Authority! Publishing
One People’s Project
Socialist Coalition of North Georgia
Street Groomers
The Atlanta Straight Edge
The Final Straw radio show
Tidewater Industrial Workers of the World (VA)
Young Democratic Socialists of America
Workers Solidarity Alliance – Atlanta
Progressive Student Alliance at Georgia State University
Raleigh-Durham General Defense Committee (NC)
Raleigh-Durham Industrial Workers of the World (NC)
Southern Coordinating Committee of the Industrial Workers of the World

If your organization agrees with our points of unity and wishes to be listed as endorsing the February 2nd mobilization please get in contact: [email protected]

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We are a diverse coalition standing together to fight organized hate. Organizing against the KKK at Georgia's Stone Mountain Park on February 2nd.

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