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Aug 15, 18

#AllOutATX Updates: August 18th Rally Against Far-Right Terror

Update on the call to confront ‘Resist Marxism,’ who is holding far-Right events across the US on August 18th. For more info, go here.

Across the country, the recent fascist and far-Right rallies have been overwhelmingly out-numbered by anti-fascists in the community who refuse to allow space for white supremacist organizing. The only thing that has stopped the fascists from being swept completely off the streets is large and often violent police protection.

In Austin, the community is gearing up to continue this trend on August 18 and shut down the far-Right “March Against Far-Left Violence”—a thinly veiled celebration of their own racist violence that has attracted attention and support the most violent sections of the Alt-Right, neo-Nazis, the “Patriot”/militia movement, and the Alt-Lite, including groups like Patriot Front and the Proud Boys.

Here’s what you need to know:

When and where is this happening?
Saturday, August 18, 2018. Rally at 1pm in front of the State Capital.

What should I bring?
Water. Lots of it. It’s going to be 98 degrees! Bring extra to share if you can.
Hat with a brim or even an umbrella. Keep that burning sun off your beautiful face!
A mask or face covering. If you’re really worried about the effects of that brutal summer sun, or the prospect of fascists taking your picture to later use to harass you, just cover your face! We’ll still know you’re beautiful!
Comfy shoes and clothing. We like to prioritize function over form, but comfy and practical doesn’t have to mean un-stylish! Get creative!
Snacks to replace electrolytes lost from sweating and to keep your energy high.
Noise makers. The louder the better. Drown the fuckers out.
Signs and banners. They want to incite racist terror, we want to incite liberation. Bigger is better!
As many friends as you can! There is safety in numbers, and protests are always more fun with friends. Use the buddy system and check in on each other throughout the day and afterwards.
Instant cold packs. Get out of the sun and stick those things in your arm pits when the heat gets too much.
Anything else you feel will help you convey your message and help you stay safe and healthy!

And think about not bringing your phone. Your phone is a cop and being buried in it reduces your awareness of your surroundings and dampens your participation. If you can’t bear to not have it handy, at least make sure it is well-secured and keep it in your pocket.

Will there be legal support?
Yes, Legal Observers from the Austin Lawyers Guild will be present and their legal hotline will be active on the day of the protest: 512-817-4ALG (write it on your body in sharpie in a couple places where it won’t rub off).
But also plan to take care of yourself as much as possible. Use the buddy system and let a friend who isn’t coming know your plans and that they should know to start looking for you if you haven’t checked in by a certain time at the end of the day.

Will there be medics?
Yes, volunteer street medics will be present. But also plan to take care of yourself as much as possible. Use the buddy system and make sure your buddy knows if you have allergies, contact lenses, or other relevant medical conditions. Bring lots of water! Brush up on protester health and safety tips such as this Protest 101 pamphlet from the Oh Shit! What Now? collective. Especially brush up on how to prevent, recognize, and treat heat illnesses, including heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Is there a facebook event to share with my friends?
Duh. But honestly a text message or phone call is so much more meaningful and persuasive!

All Out ATX!
All out against hate!
All out against fascism!
All out against racist terror!
All out against white supremacy!
All out against misogyny and hetero-patriarchy!

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