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May 13, 17

Alpharetta, Georgia: Hitler-Admiring White Power Propagandist Exposed

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Early morning on Friday, May 12, anti-racists placed giant posters near the Hamptons Grant subdivision in Alpharetta, Georgia. These posters – visible to residents on a Friday-morning commute into Atlanta — warned of Zachary Van Johnson, a white nationalist propagandist who lives at 5090 Hamptons Club Drive in the subdivision.
Johnson has been active since 2014 spreading white power propaganda, first working within “white genocide” racist circles and later becoming active on the “Alt-Right.” Johnson designed white power stickers that appeared at several Georgia campuses earlier this year, and he has created graphics for “fashwave” musical acts. (“Fashwave” is a niche fascist musical genre.) Johnson organizes with white nationalists regionally, especially local “Alt-Right” circles.
ZacJ huge poster.jpg
Large poster design placed near Johnson’s subdivision as warning to neighbors
While the large posters warning of the “Neo-Nazi Neighbor” were quickly removed in Alpharetta, Zac Johnson’s @J_Enoch_Powell account on Twitter – responsible for a steady stream of far-Right propaganda including repeated praise for Hitler – also vanished that morning. What a coincidence.
Later Friday, anti-racists followed up on their first outreach action by mailing 120 flyers with information about Johnson’s white power activity. 100 of these flyers were sent to Johnson’s neighbors around the Hamptons Grant subdivision in Alpharetta. Another twenty went to the closest neighbors of the “Bigfoot Blue Ridge” vacation cabin in the North Georgia mountains. That cabin, located at 419 Lake Ridge Drive in Blue Ridge, GA, is owned by Zac Johnson and his wife Bethany Del Campo Johnson, being rented out by the couple for additional income. (Rentals are handled by Southern Comfort Cabin rentals, who you may contact if you have concerns about the cabin owners.)
An in-depth account of Zac Johnson’s white power activity, including his old white power website, is available on the Atlanta Antifascists page. When publishing online, Johnson is clear about his contempt for people of color and Jewish people. Johnson travels to white power conferences and works hard to build white nationalist ranks. However, Zac Johnson is not upfront about his political commitments when trying to make money, whether that is through the Bigfoot Blue Ridge cabin or when selling custom-built birdhouses on his “Gourmet Birdhaus” website. We think that people should know exactly where their money is going when they support Johnson’s businesses. We also believe neighbors should know when someone nearby is actively organizing for racial conflict.
Zac Johnson rabbit shirt.jpg
Zachary Johnson wearing white nationalist “White Rabbit Radio” t-shirt on left with wife Bethany Johnson, right.
Finally, Zac Johnson’s lifestyle and organizing is made possible at least in part by his wife’s income, since Bethany Johnson appears to be the main earner in the household. Bethany Johnson works as a Performance Manager at vAuto / Cox Automotive in Atlanta and must be aware of her husband’s years of white power agitation. Feel free to contact Cox and inform them that by employing Bethany Johnson they are indirectly assisting the white power movement in our region.
cybernazi j_enoch_powell.jpg
A sample of Zac Johnson’s design work, including images of Hitler, British fascist Oswald Mosley, and Benito Mussolini
“Alt-Right” white nationalists have been quite active in our region lately, with conferences such as the Atlanta Forum, mass propaganda campaigns, and even a speaking engagement by national leader Richard Spencer at Auburn University in Alabama. Anti-racists must organize to meet this challenge. Exposing key players in the regional white power network is one part of broader resistance against the racist far-Right. We aim to build this resistance day by day.
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