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Aug 31, 18

An Anarchist Primer: For the Days of Trump & the “New Normal”

New booklet version of an older IGD essay entitled, First, They Shot the Anarchists: Trump and the New Normal.

This is a reformatted version of a text that originally appeared on It serves as an introduction to what an an anarchist position could be in the age of Trump.

It doesn’t really engage with the ins and outs of what anarchy is, instead choosing to focus on the importance of anarchist resistance as opposed to leftist modes of reform, party-building, etc.

The text argues for an autonomist strategy separate from the left, focusing on the broad goals of disrupting the capacity of the state to govern, defending from the violence of the state and the far-right, and rebuilding the capacity to fight or by creating spaces, networks, and other such efforts that sustain and nourish participants.

Download the PDF

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