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Mar 6, 20

Anarchist Prisoner Michael Kimble Transferred; Asking for Additional Legal Support

Call to support anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble who has recently been transferred and is fundraising for legal expenses.

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Supporters recently learned that Michael Kimble has been transferred from Holman to Easterling Correctional Facility. He can be written to at:

Michael Kimble 138017/G1-24A
Easterling Corr. Facility
200 Wallace Drive
Clio, AL 36017

We are still raising funds for his new legal push to achieve a sentence reduction and possible release. Michael wrote the following bio and case background for folks to learn more.

A Brief History and Case Background

My name is Michael Kimble. I am a 54-year old Black, gay anarchist who was arrested and charged with the murder of a white, racist homophobe in November 1986 while walking with a friend late at night. I defended myself and my friend from attack after being called various racist and homophobic names. I shot and killed my attacker.

In 1987 I was found guilty of murder and sentenced to a life sentence after a farce of a trial. My court-appointed attorney neglected to put forth a vigorous defense, and my friend who was with me during the attack testified for the prosecution after being arrested for another crime and given leniency in return for testifying for the state.

I’ve been held captive for 34 years—I’ve been in prison since the age of 21 and am now 54 years old. I’ve been to the parole board numerous times and denied each time. The reason I’ve been given is always, “Due to the nature of offense.” The offense will never change and it’s plainly evident that the parole board refuses to grant me parole. My latest parole denial was in 2016 and rescheduled for February 2021.

Therefore, I decided to hire an attorney to represent me on a motion for sentence reduction. The goal is my immediate freedom.

Since my incarceration began I’ve completed numerous programs (University of Alabama at Birmingham lecture series, NA, AA, SAA, Personal Development, Financial Management, Shoe Making, Transactional Analysis, Criminal Thinking, Anger Management, Stress Management). I’ve been instrumental in organizing a number of collectives and actions, including the Prisoners Action Committee, AJAMU, BLA, the August 7th Movement, the Freedom and Independence Revolutionary Movement, and INACELL. I published and distributed INACELL Da Mag, a magazine of revolution, hip-hop, and Black history. As a part of INACELL I was the force behind the first Black August celebration in Birmingham, AL (my hometown) in August 2000. I’ve also organized numerous work-strikes as far back as 1987 and more recently with the Free Alabama Movement. I’ve also filed a number of lawsuits dealing with conditions of captivity.

In late 2000 I was charged with possession of explosives at Limestone prison, but charges were subsequently dropped. In September of 2001 I was charged with assault on a number of guards and sentenced to another three years.

Most recently, on December 2nd, 2019 I was thrown in lockup for coming to the aid of another prisoner who was being assaulted by a guard. But due to all of your outside support in calling and demanding that I be released from lockup, I’m now back in general population.

Since my original arrest I have been beaten, harassed, and denied parole, but I continue to hold my head up and maintain good spirit and resolve, and remain dedicated to fighting for a world free of domination and oppression in all of its manifestations.

It’s time to bring Michael home! We invite you to join the campaign:

1. Post info about Michael on social media

2. Donate to Michael’s legal defense

3. Educate family, friends, and coworkers about Michael and his campaign for freedom.

To read Michael’s writings check out his blog at and Free Michael Kimble on Facebook.

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