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Oct 4, 19

Anarchist Prisoner Miguel Peralta Enters Day 16 of a Hunger Strike

Update on the hunger strike of Mexican anarchist, Miguel Peralta from Voices in Movement.

Miguel is more pale and tired, with severe pain and dizziness. He is daily losing weight. The Mixed District Judge of Huautla de Jiménez has still not given his resolution. Why do they continue to prolong his confinement if it has already been proven legally that there is no reason to hold him in prison? Are they continuing to allow the political influence of the President of the Commission of Justice of the Congress of Oaxaca? Why are they waiting to return Miguel Peralta to freedom, if it has already been proven that congresswoman, Elisa Zepeda Lagunas, has lied and fabricated crimes?

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This Friday night!! Benefit for Mazateco indigenous anarchist prisoner #miguelperalta ?? The event will feature a great raffle. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time by DMing us or going to @hastamuertecoffee Tickets will also be available at the event they are $5 We have a lot of great prizes below are just a small taste We wanted to highlight a few of the artists and projects that have been kind enough to donate! #1 is a beautiful print of legendary Mexican anarchist Ricardo Flores Magon who is from the same city , #eloxochitlándefloresmagón his legacy of anarchism and autonomy live in the indigenous autonomous assemblies of Oaxaca and throughout Mexico. This print is by the amazing local artist @_tefan_ please visit their page and support their work! #2 hand crafted and largely wild crafted tinctures by local herbalists @arrowanemone. She is an incredibly knowledgeable herbalist who teaches classes locally. One of the tinctures is a Nerve tonic and the other is designed to help soothe grief !!! #3 is an size Medium Black brown and indigenous autonomy shirt and pins from the autonomous POC distro @thecomradecloset !!!

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Voices in Movement publishes translations and analysis – both contemporary and historical – to share strategy, solidarity and histories of resistance across imaginary divisions of nations and borders. They also author Revuelta Comunitaria, a semi-regular column on It's Going Down addressing social struggles and political repression in the territory of so-called Mexico.

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