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Nov 30, 18

Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain Sexually Assaulted by Correctional Officer

What follows is an urgent letter from long-term anarchist prisoner Sean Swain.

A quick update, as things are hectic. I came off of a 29-day hunger strike and got nothing. The fact  is that the fartgoblins want to make me die at supermax for the article about guns and drones. So, please make sure that article has my name on it and gets everywhere. Since I gotta pay for it, I want the whole world to see it.

I’m enclosing something I hope will get everywhere, so I can generate as many calls and emails as possible. ODRC Council Trevor Clark is the fuckweasel who has been terrorizing me for years, but there’s an element in all this I haven’t talked about: In March 2013, Clark groped me after an interrogation, then he told me to take down my pants and spin around and he would dismiss the disciplinary frame-up. I didn’t do it.

Since then, he has continually harassed and tormented me, shutting down communications and engineering disciplinary frame-ups, causing me essentially to die in in prison in 5-year installments. I would like to think this is about repression of my brilliant thoughts, but, really, it might just be a creep trying to crush me for not humoring his fetish.

Is there a way to create a petition like the one mentioned in the enclosed? I ask because it doesn’t really exist. But I think it needs to.

I haven’t talked about this. It was humiliating. But NOT talking about it makes me an accomplice. I have no way of knowing if Trevor Clark has done this-or worse-to others.

So, please get this everywhere.

Abolish Everything. Swain for President 2020.


Sean Swain

Call-In Campaign:

“I’m calling to express concern about sexual misconduct and ongoing intimidation by a high-level ODRC employee on a prisoner. I hope you will investigate. “Sean Swain is a model prisoner. He has an Honorable Discharge from the U. S. Army and a social science degree from Ashland University. He was honored for his peace work in prison, by Rosa Parks, in 2002 and as a pacifist, has not been so much as accused of any violence in 28 years. Sean contributes weekly segments to a globally- syndicated radio show and last year a book he co-wrote sold ten thousand copies. The University of Michigan is archiving his personal papers and effects because of his positive influence on our world-all from prison.

    “But in 2013, ODRC Council Trevor Clark engaged in improper sexual touching of Sean and has since then tormented him for rejecting his advances. Mr. Clark now has Sean framed for rule violations based on others’ online postings, preventing Sean from lowering in security or gaining parole. I ask you to investigate these mattes and protect Sean from Mr. Clark’s harassment and intimidation.

    “I will be joining a position at to boycott Ohio tourism, universities, and travel until the ODRC protects Sean Swain from Trevor Clark. Thank you.

ODRC Director Stuart Hudson: (614) 387-0588, [email protected] 

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Sean Swain is an anarchist prisoner, radio commentator, and author.

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