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Nov 22, 16

Anarchists in Athens “Welcome” Barack Obama

From Perseus999

Whilst Barack Obama came to visit Athens, Greece on the 15th and 16th of November 2016, greek anarchists reserved for him a “warm welcome”, amongst many reasons, for

(1) knowingly visiting Athens during the 3-days commemoration of the Athens Polytechnic uprising against the 7 years junta regime that was orchestrated and supported by the US where thousands of people were imprisoned, tortured or killed,

(2) his support of the IMF and the harsh economic measures imposed in Greece due to the capitalist crisis where banks are being saved and continuously fed with millions of euros, whereas more than one third of the greek population have fallen under the poverty line, 23% is unemployed, pensioners are looking for food in garbage dumpsters, and families are relying on charity for their children to get fed (and so on)

(3) is solidarity to the millions of people that have suffered because of the US war games and geopolitical interventions

(4) the thousands of non combatant civilians that have died by air strikes and drone attacks during his time as president of the US

(5) his support of Israel and its continuous mission to exterminate Palestinians.

As the first Black President, Obama has served the agenda of those who want to convey the impression that white supremacy is a thing of the past. Yet under his reign, a million Black people have languished in prison while police have murdered Black people in the streets with impunity on a daily basis. Over the past months, we have seen indigenous warriors attacked by the same police for defending the water that gives life to their communities. Inspired by the courageous fighters of Ferguson, Baltimore, Oakland, and Standing Rock, we aim to strike blows against racism, prisons, and police everywhere.


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