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Feb 10, 23

Ann Arbor, Michigan Takes to Streets in Solidarity with Tortuguita

Report on demonstration from Ann Arbor, MI in solidarity with Tortuguita and the movement to Stop Cop City.

Last Saturday, a crowd of 100 people gathered in front of the Merrill Lynch office building to share memories, tears, and vengeance for Tortuguita. The crowd was a militant throng, mostly in black from head to toe. The march took State street and then paraded behind a Porsche dealership, which funds the Atlanta police foundation.

The crowd riotously engaged in expressions of grief, including spray painting fancy cars and slashing the tires of 40+ cars waiting to be sold. Signs were left behind at Porsche and Merrill Lynch stating, “Cop City will never be built,” and “You fund police murder.” No arrests were made.

People discussed the Cop City project, and how direct action can locally be taken to stop it. was discussed as a resource listing the companies (and the people who run them) who profit off of the murder of Fortuguita. lists the companies who fund this murder and desire to fund more police killings of us and our loved ones.

We love you Tort, and we will never stop fighting for the world you believe in.

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