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Aug 30, 22

Announcing Creeker Vol 2 & Creeker Companion Vol 2!

Announcing new issues of Creeker and The Creeker Companion, which details the ongoing struggle against logging and the Ada’itx/Fairy Creek blockade.

Creeker is a grassroots, anti-authoritarian zine series that aims to bring depth, variety, critique and continuity to the ongoing process of reflecting on the Ada’itsx/Fairy Creek blockade and related efforts. It’s intended for creekers themselves, land defenders elsewhere, and the land defenders yet to come. The newest offering in the series includes contributions of art, analysis, photography, history, personal reflection and poetry that were anonymously sourced from participants at the blockade. The writing features eloquent and hard-hitting pieces that explore the dynamics of autonomous forest defense in conflict with recuperative tendencies at Fairy Creek, and histories of radical, uncontrollable resistance in the nearby Kax:iks/Walbran and Elaho Valleys.

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The Creeker Companion zines are curated to complement the Creeker zines with material that’s relevant to Ada’itsx and similar movements, but much broader in scope. Creeker Companion Vol 2 samples various sources and includes essays, poetry and communiques touching on movement history, state repression, vigilantes, and much more. A thoughtful, playful, boldly insurrectionary vibe throughout the zine joins a diversity of material together in refreshingly unexpected ways.

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Both Creeker and the Creeker Companion may be of interest to anarchists and land defenders in general. Check the website for previous volumes in the series.

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