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Feb 2, 20

Announcing the Channel Zero Anarchist Podcast Network 2020 Fundraiser

Call to support the Channel Zero Anarchist Podcast Network 2020 fundraiser.

The Channel Zero Network is a decentralized network of anarchist podcasts bringing you news and analysis of current events, media criticism, programmes for developing food autonomy, rebellious music, tools for praxis, interviews with academics and authors, moving story-telling, and so much more. Members like the IGDCast from It’s Going Down bring you weekly news round-ups while 12 Rules for What? dissects the far-right. Rebel Steps tackles pressing issues in community-organizing while Kite Line Radio offers an inside look at the prison-industrial complex. Whether you are a hardened militant or anarcho-curious, CZN’s ever growing roster of programs has something for you.

The Channel Zero Network is proud to host well over a dozen incredible, thoughtful programs. And in order to expand our good work, we’re asking for YOUR help!

Since its founding, the Channel Zero Network has only ever had a single fundraiser. Up to this point, we’ve been able to pay all our bills out of those initial funds. But we still have bills to pay—like hosting fees, digital aggregators, compensating web developers and creating printed materials. And so now, we’re asking for a little support.

Our goal to raise $1,000 for the Channel Zero Network.

If any of the shows on the Channel Zero Network have ever spoken to you, if you’ve learned something from one of our programs, or if you’ve been moved to take action because of our work, we humbly ask that you support this vital, independent, anarchist project so that we can keep collectively-run alternative news, media, and entertainment alive for years to come.

If you can’t donate, please share the GoFundMe link and tell your friends/family/comrades about the Channel Zero Network and our incisive programming. Like/Follow/Share our work on Social Media and prepare for years to come of ruthless criticism, gut-wrenching analysis, and inspiring tirades.

Love and solidarity forever,

The Channel Zero Network

While you’re here, we need your support. To continue running the website, we need support from community members like you. Will you support It’s Going Down, and help build independent media? donate?

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An anarchist radio podcast network across so-called North America.

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