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May 11, 18

Announcing the Mattole Forest Defense Training Camp May 24-27

Call for a forest defense training camp in late May in conjunction with the ongoing campaign to save the Mattole forest.

Greetings from the Mattole Action Training Camp crew!

We’re having another forest defense training camp! We will be gathering from the 24th until the 27th of May. Please RSVP for directions.

Come hang out, learn tons of cool stuff, and get plugged in with your local forest defense campaigns!

This event will be taking place in the Mattole River Valley, land we recognize was stolen from the indigenous Mattole people.

Workshops and discussions will include:

-Strategic non-violent direct action

-Know your rights and security culture,

-Plant walk!

-Tree climbing training and knots

-Trauma informed care



-Navigating in the Mountains

-Herbal first aid.


This camp is in support of the ongoing old-growth forest defense on Rainbow Ridge. For at least 20 years, forest defenders have climbed trees, blocked logging roads and locked themselves to logging equipment to stop the destruction of these ancient trees.

This camp site is ADA accessible; for other accessibility needs please include in your RSVP and we will do our best.

Help us to co-create an inclusive safer space where people feel good about addressing oppressive behaviors to heal and unlearn them.

In solidarity,

MATC Organizers

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