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Sep 3, 19

Another Death in Alabama Prisons

Report from Unheard Voices on the latest death in a correctional facility in Alabama.

Atmore, AL – Today, at Fountain Correctional Facility in Alabama, at approximately 1:45 pm, inmate Christopher Hurst, #250992, was found dead. Hurst was being housed inside of a cell block with 3 other inmates, specifically called “mental health step-down” which is a newly implemented mental health evaluation program. However, since being implemented over the past week, the program has gone without supervision of any mental health workers. At the time of Hurst’s passing, no ADOC officer or mental health observer was inside of said dorm.

It is said that Fountain Correctional Facility has a total of 4 correctional officer observing approx. 700 + inmates at the time of Hurst’s death.  Officers Gaines, Penn, Sellers, and Dixon where the only correctional officers overseeing dorms F, G, H and I (all housing 150 inmates each); Dorm K (which houses approx.. 72 inmates); Dorm D (which has a capacity of 50+ but currently 4 mental health inmates, the “mental health step-down” dorm); Dorm E (which houses approx. 50+ inmates, known as the “hot bay”; Dorm E and D are connected and there is supposed to be two officers there).

This tragedy follows an interview with an inmate at Fountain Correctional Facility just last week by Montgomery Advertiser Melissa Brown in relations to Warden Mary Cooks, and Assistant Warden McCoy, and their refusal to speak with a confined citizen about the negligence of administrators and the policies and practices that fail to actually address those conditions that have led to a rise of suicides, violence, and deaths under their supervision.

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