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May 5, 17

Mexico: Anti-authoritarian Activities in Tijuana

This activity came about with the purpose of continuing to shake up, rethink ourselves and analyze the anti-authoritarian struggle, as well as understanding the different perspectives in the struggle against authority. We also think it necessary to continue holding these activities with different like-minded compañerxs from around the world, as for us the slogan Without Borders and Flags is not an empty one, but an action in the struggle against power.

Similarly, we are leaving the option open for companerxs who would like to, to send a submissions for these Anti-authoritarian Activities, be it in writing or any format. The email to send the submissions will be [email protected]. Likewise, this is how information on the location of the activity will be distributed.

For a Black May!
Ensure that Anarchy lives!
Against All Authority!

See below for translation of the image’s text

Anti-authoritarian Activities Tijuana


  • Information Security
    • With the Oak Roots Collective and other invitees
  • Autonomy as a strategy
    • CopWatch LA
  • Anti-authoritarianism and spontaneity
    • Oak Roots Collective, CSO Mauricio Morales and other compañerxs
  • Participation of imprisoned compañerxs in $hile
    • Security Case and other compañerxs in that territory


Life Once Flourished Here (D-Beat Crust)
Amenaza (Crust Punk, Tijuana)
Cuauhtemoc (Punk, Orange County)

Screenings, Vegan Food, Anarchist Material Distro

May 13
Activities start at 2pm
For more information on the location and proposals: [email protected].

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Scott Campbell is the author of the "Insumisión," which was a featured column on It's Going Down and currently writes news and analysis on social movements and struggles, with an eye towards Mexico.

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