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Jun 12, 16

Anti-Colonial Complicity

From Conflict MN

Today on June 11th many people came out to enjoy music and raise money for those blockading the Dakota Access Pipeline. With the complicity (however passive) of onlookers, a handful of posters were pasted nearby while the hot sun still shone brightly.


The poster contains an excerpt from “Accomplices Not Allies” by Indigenous Action Media. This powerful quote summarizes the poverty of the logic of allyship. Allies are passive supporters who follow orders of the leadership of the “Community” they are an ally to. Recently the language of accomplices has been taken and used for the same logic. Accomplices must listen to the leadership of the “Community” they are an accomplice too.

This quote, and it’s pairing with the image of a burning police car as in the original publication, hits back at the all-too-often pacifist distortions of allies and even accomplices. To be clear: the problem is not if you call yourself an ally or accomplice, but the acceptance or refusal of subordination to the others on their identity alone (almost exclusively NGO politicians).

If you would say, a few posters is a pathetic act of solidarity, well you would not be alone. To those who react in this way, you are invited to upstage these wheat-pasters. This should not be a difficult task. Make a game of it. If solidarity with Water Warriors is not for you, find your motivation elsewhere. Attacks on the colonial machine do not need to be particular.

Attached is the poster file to print yourself along with instructions for use. As advised, stay safe.


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