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Jul 1, 17

Anti-Colonial #Unsettle150 Actions Across Canada

Today, Native people across so-called Canada are taking part in actions against the colonial state and non-Native settlers including anarchists, autonomists, and anti-capitalists are also acting in solidarity. In cities like Montreal, a mass campaign of graffiti, postering, and stenciling has taken place and in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, Native people have also launched a reoccupation of the land outside of the Parliament building, which has led to some arrests as the encampment has grown.

For more info check out the #Unsettle150 hashtagWarrior Publicans, NoCanada.Info, and Montreal Counter-Info.

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Toronto, ON #resistance150 #resist150 #unsettle150

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Coast Salish Territories: #Unsettle150 action:

Ottawa: On July 28th, arrests took place after Native people erected a teepee in the lead up to the 150 celebrations outside of the Canadian capital. One report read:

The Bawaating Water Protectors from Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., arrived Wednesday night on Parliament Hill with plans to erect a tepee and engage in four days of ceremonies they’re calling a “reoccupation” to draw attention to the history of Indigenous people in Canada during 150th birthday celebrations this weekend.

“We’re here to make people aware of the genocide that went on, the assimilations that went on,” said organizer Brendon Nahwegezhiche.

“That is a part of the history and that is the truth of Canada, unfortunately.”

Originally the group clashed with police, who arrested nine people and told the group they couldn’t set up the tepee.

However within a few hours all nine were released without charges and the tepee was set up on a slope near the eastern entrance to the Hill.

On July 1st actions continued as part of #Unsettle150 and the #Reoccupation is growing:

Winnipeg: #Unsettle150 Rally:

Halifax: #Unsettle150 rally, Alt-Right ‘Proud Boys’ showed up to counter-demonstrate:

Toronto: #Unsettle150 rally and march which disrupted the official Canada 150 celebration.

Kingston: #Unsettle150 march and rally:


Lead Up Actions: 

Winnipeg: Native people block highway to bring attention to the crisis of rising youth suicides and the need for increased mental health services.

Montreal: VIA Rail Canada 150 billboard defaced with paint. 

Montreal: Graffiti, stencils, and posters cover the walls in massive campaign.

Mercier Bridge 150 banners destroyed.

Montreal: Canada150 installation vandalized.

British Columbia:

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