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Jul 16, 15

Vandalism Wave Continues as Anti-Klan Demonstration Looms

Originally published on It’s Going Down

Attacks on Confederate statues, cemeteries, flags, and monuments continues throughout the South. This weekend in Columbia, South Carolina, people will rally and attempt to shut down a KKK demonstration supporting the Confederate flag.

w300-661be4869f4c427e4d9c81bb4f5504cdIn Oklahoma City, a Confederate graveyard was vandalized with red paint. A report reads: “Workers at Oklahoma City’s Fairlawn Cemetery discovered Thursday that a Confederate veterans monument there had been vandalized with red paint. The monument honors 23 Confederate soldiers who are buried in the cemetery.”

confedOn Wednesday, two Confederate sites in Charlotte, North Carolina were defaced. A online story reads: “Police were called to the monument near Old City Hall around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday. The monument had the word “Racist” scrawled across it in spray paint. Around 2 p.m. Wednesday, police received a report that the Confederate monument near Memorial Stadium was vandalized. Concrete was smeared across text and symbols on both sides of the monument.”


Social media is buzzing with the trending hashtag of #NoFlagginChallenge, in which people record themselves taking down Confederate flags in public. Be safe folks! Cover your faces!

As states across the South continued to bow to pressure to take down the Confederate flag, those on the right continued to mobilize to preserve them. Pro-Confederate protests took place in Raleigh, Oklahoma City, and with more planned. The KKK continues to openly recruit throughout the South through flyers and a planned demonstration on Saturday in Columbia, North Carolina.

memeruntheklan1A counter-protest has been called to “Run the Klan Out of Town!” A call-out reads: “We call upon all those willing and able —#BlackLivesMatter activists, community organizers, anti-racists, anarchists and other radicals, and anyone else furious with racism and the police—to converge on Columbia, confront the Klan, and defy their message of white supremacy. History has shown—from the armed standoff against a lynch mob in Columbia, TN in 1946 to the 1958 Battle of Hayes Pond, from the Deacons for Defense to the armed defiance of Monroe, NC’s NAACP chapter, from the 1979 Greensboro Massacre to the 1997 confrontation with the Klan in downtown Asheville, NC—that we must oppose white supremacist organizing actively and physically, in our streets and neighborhoods.”

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