It's Going Down

Anti-ICE Vigil Grows into Occupation in Portland

A photo essay about how an anti-ICE vigil grew into an occupation in Portland.

A coalition group has begun an occupation at the ICE processing facility located at 4310 SW Macadam Avenue in Portland, Oregon. They demand an immediate end to the “Zero Tolerance” policy and an abolition of ICE.

Initial vigil.

A vigil Sunday night held over as members of the community decided stay and occupy. Numbers have fluctuated, but are growing steadily. Assemblies will be held every night at 8:30pm so that community decisions can be made about goals and methods.

Banner held outside of ICE.

This is a self-organized occupation, and its members encourage every person to Occupy the nearest ICE facility, GEO Group Office, Senator’s Office or public space and demand an end to ICE, borders and policing.

Sign at vigil.

Antifa flag at anti-ICE rally.

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