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Jun 24, 20

Anti-Police Rioting Continues Across Mexico

A report and reflection on ongoing anti-police revolt across Mexico, following several high profile acts of police brutality and murder. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.

A few days after the acts of vandalism that occurred in Guadalajara, San Luis Potosí, Mexico City and Xalapa on the occasion of police brutality and the murder of Giovanni López, the mobilizations are again replicating in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Xalapa.


A third day of protests took place in Guadalajara: about 400 people demonstrated at the Minerva roundabout in the city center and advanced on Vallarta-Juarez Avenue. The state government of Enrique Alfaro has been characterized by its police brutality and reminds us of the brutal repression experienced on May 28 in the anti-globalization fight in 2004 against ALCUE. The disappearance of detainees, sexual abuse and torture continue.


Fiery spirits recharged after the beating of a comrade in the June 5 riot during the call to target the United States Embassy. Turning up the anti-police tone, protesters marched armed with rods, guns, screwdrivers, hammers, spray cans along Paseo Reforma, collapsing fences, attacking monuments, vandalizing KFC facilities, the Fiesta Americana Hotel, Banco de México, both private and public surveillance cameras, looting and leaving on the street free access to lots of products that were extracted from stores; one of the stores most affected was the brand “Adidas.” In the Hemicycle Juárez, walls were demolished, and various reporters from the press were attacked and intimidated.

A note written by the journalist Hector de Mauleón (pay attention to this) dated June 11 of the Universal newspaper released names and surnames of various comrades and even stated the criminal and political curriculum of each, once again demonstrating the accomplice role of the press and that they must be attacked during and outside the demonstrations.

Riot in XALAPA, JUNE 8th

Two marches are called, one peaceful and the other with direct action hints. The demonstration crossed Avila Camacho Avenue until reaching the city center, destroying all capitalist, state and religious symbols. Groups of hooded people dressed in black attacked various headquarters of banks; three churches were damaged, graffitied and their windows, doors and statuettes of religious idols inside were destroyed; the offices of the Diario de Xalapa were attacked with force; various centers of speculation and pawn shops were destroyed, as was the government palace where a door was set on fire; a building of the police (SSP) was similarly rabidly vandalized and at the end of the march, some ornamental letters from Veracruz were destroyed in the main square and a doll representing a policeman was set on fire. In addition to Giovanni López, Carlos Andrés Navarro and George Floyd, murdered Veracruz activists such as Nadia Vera, Rubén Gonzales, the Oaxaca anarcopunk Salvador Olmos, as well as feminist and anarchist demands, were recalled.


In the face of all these expressions of violence against the police and normality, it is important to emphasize that a consequent anarchist perspective cannot be limited to fighting conjuncturally and monothematically for a particular act of police brutality, as in this case of the murder of Giovanni López in Jalisco, since it is not and will not be the first death perpetrated by the State and the police, and is not the only fact that outrages; in Mexico, this is daily bread, and although the police act in accordance with the rule of law, we will fight it; we are against the State, capital, its civilization and the new normality it wants to bring us. If the family members who ask for justice from the same police officers and rulers who murdered one of their own, repudiating the acts of vandalism and violence propagated by anarchism, this should help us to remove the veil of “heroes of the people,” to to be able to understand ourselves as true vandals and criminals (very much in our own way) disenchanted with the world and today’s society, in search of a dignity that denies the existent oppression. We are used to being no one and the day the consumer masses start applauding us, we will be doing wrong. Neither the struggles between the powerful nor the citizen ignorance will be able to get out of the conspiracy narrative of the struggle between political parties: That we are paid by the conservatives to destabilize the AMLO government, that AMLO is behind the marches, etc.… Stupidity dressing up as a political scientist. They will never understand the essence of the old phrase of “our dreams do not fit in your urns,” much less “the world we carry in our hearts,” and even less “the denial of what exists.”


No unanswered assault!

Solidarity and complicity!

We will not join their pleas for justice, we will not lick boots!

Against reformism and citizenship!

For the spread of the attack on authority!

Facing the new normality: our eternal and irreducible anarchy!

Let’s take advantage of the riots to steal for the benefit of our projects!

Against voluntary kidnapping: health and conspiracy!

May the pandemic not imprison you physically or mentally!

For the extension of the conflict: No to the Mayan train or any new venture of power and techno-industry!


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