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Feb 22, 17

Anti-Racist Neighborhood Watch Manual and Resource Toolkit

Download and Print Manual Here

Since the rise of the Trump regime to power there has been a dramatic rise in bigoted violence in cities across the United States. Dangerous hate groups and white supremacist gangs have been emboldened to organize in more public and intimidating ways than ever before. In the 1990’s in cities such as Portland Oregon white supremacist gangs spread terror throughout the city with ruthless tactics and reckless abandon. This was only stopped by communities and neighbors coming together to get each others backs. Furthermore, ICE raids, police violence targeting communities of color and harassment and violence against women, LGBTQIA+ communities have exploded in the month since the rise of the Trump regime.

Anti-Racist Neighborhood Watch Quick Start Manual is an initiative created by the Portland Assembly and the Pacific Northwest Antifacsist Workers Collective as a way to generalize and broaden anti racist work in our communities in Portland and across the country. It is the hope that this packet can be used as an entrance-way to start addressing these issues by new comers to the movement and veterans alike. It is a suggested model on how to get organized in your communities with some tangible tools to get started right away.

Imagine ARNW chapters in neighborhoods, cities and towns across the country, getting each others backs and taking a proactive stand against bigoted activity at every level. In order to stop the rise of the extreme right we must come together as neighbors as never before. As opposed to relying on empty rhetoric of politicians looking to win political points, building real community and neighborhood power is essential in creating actual sanctuary cities were targeted communities are safe and can seek refuge from both state sponsored and grassroots right-wing violence.

This packet is not just intended for people in Portland. The tools offered here can be utilized for individuals looking to make a difference in their communities wherever they are. While this packet emphasizes building strong relationships with local established antifa chapters and other community groups, we recognize that this might not always be the case where you are at. If so hopefully the tools offered here will give you the ideas and motivation to begin taking a risk and developing this much needed conflict infrastructure our communities across the country so direly need; however, it is suggested to those interested in creating an ARNW chapter that they do research on friendly community groups or already established activist organizations that may be interested in assisting with your efforts.

Wherever you are if you are interested in starting a chapter. Please contact:

The Portland Assembly at [email protected]
The Pacific Northwest Antifascist Workers Collective at [email protected]

Link to the manual here.


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