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Aug 31, 16

Sacramento: Anti-Racist Posters Go Up

Submitted to It’s Going Down

The Sacramento area has recently seen a disconcerting rise in white supremacist and otherwise hate fueled activity. The current political climate in which we are living enables racists and fascists, who are becoming increasingly emboldened to resort to racially charged hatred, bigotry, and violence within their own communities. In the past year, we have seen local white supremacist activity take the form of everything from verbal attacks and intimidation to full on physical confrontation and violence.

The Central Valley and the Sacramento area specifically are home to many white supremacist/nationalist groups and gangs, as well as many individuals who believe in racist, fascist, and/or extremist ideology but who may not be plugged into organized factions yet. Many individuals from both categories are willing to allow their hate to fuel violent action. These actions are not isolated from one another- instead, they speak of greater patterns within our society that breed hate and ignorance and reinforce them as normal or even necessary responses.

The very real threat of white supremacists cannot be ignored. It must be taken seriously, addressed directly, and faced head on. We cannot afford to turn a blind eye while oppressed groups are targeted and made to live in fear. Back in February, three men were convicted of committing hate crimes after physically assaulting a Black student on the UC Davis campus. In April, four men dressed in white sheets verbally attacked and threatened a mother and child in Auburn. In May, a torrent of flyers calling for the death of Latinos and Muslims were found on porches and cars in the midtown area of Sacramento. In June, the Traditionalist Workers Party and the Golden State Skinheads, the former a fascist political party and the latter a white supremacist street gang, joined forces in a failed attempt to rally for their cause at the Sacramento Capitol. 400 counter protesters rebuffed those attempts, but not before the Neo-Nazi group could stab 6 people. These stabbings took place in broad daylight, on capitol grounds and resulted in zero arrests. Most recently, racist graffiti in the form of violent threats, slurs, and swastikas has appeared overnight on homes and cars in Gold River this month.

Those who oppose this type of extremism have taken notice of its escalation. We have been fighting back every step of the way, countering new developments as they crop up. We are not willing to wait around while the poisonous currents of prejudice, discrimination, and intolerance bubble up around us, coming to the surface. If you too condemn this rise in hatred and bigotry, know that you are not alone. Now, we must find each other and band together in unity as we participate in the struggle towards a new society. If you see one of these posters, know that it was put up by someone who is taking a stand against fascism, but standing up for freedom, and the liberation of all people. Join us in refusing hatred the space to exist unchallenged in the greater Sacramento area.


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