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Oct 3, 16

Anti-Racists Flyer Woodstock, Georgia Neighborhood to Oppose Aryan Nations

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On Saturday, October 1st – the same day neo-Nazis held their “Hammerfest” gathering in Draketown, Georgia – anti-racists distributed approximately 150 flyers in the Woodstock, GA neighborhood of Aryan Nations supporter Ralph Neil Scroy. Scroy was recently photographed taking part in events of Aryan Nations Worldwide, a faction of the white supremacist Aryan Nations that remains active in our state. Scroy hosted an Aryan Nations Worldwide get-together on September 4th at his home. The flyer distributed by anti-racists provides more details about the Aryan Nations, Scroy’s past, and his recent white power activity.

Aryan Nations gathering at Scroy’s Woodstock, GA residence. Ralph Neil Scroy on left, Randall Wiley Smith next to him.

Weeks before Hammerfest, representatives of Aryan Nations Worldwide met with Confederate Hammerskin leaders and pledged their “full support” to the October 1st Hammerfest event. Opposing organizing by the Aryan Nations on the same day as Hammerfest therefore seemed appropriate.

Ralph Neil Scroy

Neil Scroy works as a crane operator and technician. According to Scroy’s LinkedIn page, he is currently employed by AmQuip Crane Rental as well as other businesses. Anti-racists believe that Scroy poses a threat to coworkers just as much as he is a danger to neighbors. At the time of writing, we have been unable to confirm Scroy’s current employment status with AmQuip. We encourage readers to further look into this matter.

We also want to draw attention to Randall Wiley Smith, one of the Georgia leaders for Aryan Nations Worldwide. Randall Smith has a long history in the white supremacist movement – Smith used to be active with the Southern White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and in 1986 accepted a plea deal for attacking a Black teenager in Cedartown, GA. Smith is now part of the Aryan Nations Worldwide “leadership council.”

Randall Wiley Smith (note Aryan Nations plate on vehicle)

Smith is also the owner-operator of Wholesale Tire and Auto, LLC, located on US-78 in Villa Rica, Georgia on the same plot as the Westside Flea Market. We ask that anti-racists call Westside Flea Market operator Frazier Mitchell and ask him to cease renting space to Randall Smith/Wholesale Tire and Auto, since money Smith raises with his business likely gets funneled to white supremacist organizing. Please contact:

Frazier Mitchell, (678) 778-8522

(Mitchell did not seem concerned about Randall Smith’s neo-Nazi organizing when anti-racists first contacted him about this issue. Remember that you can use *67 to hide your phone number when calling.)

Finally, we ask that you spread this information to your friends and contacts in Georgia, especially anyone living near Woodstock (Neil Scroy’s residence) or Villa Rica (Randall Smith’s business.)

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