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Nov 2, 22

Antifascist Crews Across California Coordinate to Drop Banners in Response to Rise in Anti-Semitism

On October 31st, antifascist crews coordinated to drop banners and put up posters across various California freeways, cities, and towns.

As one report wrote:

In the areas of Los Angeles, San Diego, Redlands, Ventura County, Sacramento, and the South Bay Area of California, banners were dropped from sun up, till sun down like a wave that echoed from Interstate 405 up the coast.

The day of action comes in response to anti-Semitic banners dropped by the neo-Nazi group, the Goyim Defense League (GDL) earlier this month, in a pathetic attempt to ride the coattails of (former) billionaire Kayne West’s recent anti-Semitic comments.

From a statement on the day of the action:

Last week, [the neo-Nazi group], the Goyim Defense League (GDL) dropped anti-Semitic banners over the 405 freeway in Los Angeles and threw up Nazi salutes. This cannot be allowed to go unchecked and must be met with active resistance from communities committed to putting an end to fascism.

Check out some of the action here under the banner of West Coast United Against Fascism and using the hashtag of #unitedagainstfascism on social media.

Highway 101 in Southern California

405 Freeway, Los Angeles, California

Sacramento, California

Redlands, California

South Bay Area, California

San Diego, California

Los Angeles, California

La Tijera Overpass, Los Angeles, California

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