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Mar 5, 21

Los Angeles, CA: Antifascists Confront far-Right, Anti-Vaxxers Outside of Vaccine Injection Site

Report back on recent antifascist counter-protest against anti-vaxxer rally outside of vaccination injection site in Los Angeles.

A small ad hoc group of antifascists and community members gathered outside of Dodger stadium on the morning of Saturday, February 27th, to counter a far-Right, anti-vaccination rally and march.

Shortly after 11am the antifascist group moved in to confront the even smaller group of anti-vaxxers (from here on, referred to as “pro-plague”), who were attempting to shut down the Dodger stadium vaccination site; the largest vaccination site in the county. Another group of far-Right, pro-plague protesters were successful in shutting down the same site several weeks ago, which was documented in This Week in Fascism.

As the antifascists made contact, the pro-plague crowd tightened up into a huddle and immediately called the police for protection. Confrontations with the far-Right began and any unprotected pro-plague signs and propaganda where subsequent seized and destroyed. Police arrived after about 5 minutes and separated the two groups.

After a couple hours (around 1:30pm) the pro-plague protestors moved to the main gates to the vaccination site, with heavy police
protection that outnumbered both pro-plague and antifascist protestors. Antifascists followed closely behind, drowning out their speeches with a powerful megaphone siren dubbed “the antifa LRAD”

Once all protestors arrived across the street from the main gate, a pro-plague protestor known as “Nick Yaya” got very confrontational and made it clear that he really wanted to fight. He did however, quickly change his mind once antifascist reinforcements arrived in full black bloc.

About a half-hour later, the entire crowd moved back to the original meeting point about a block away, with both antifascists and police staying until the pro-plague protestors dispersed.

What did we learn from this action?

1. Arrive early and in numbers.
2. Keep any engagements for before the cops arrive, as they are sure to side with the far-Right, every-time. When you do make contact, work fast and make sure everyone is safe.

PS: The SW-YLF do not take responsibility for the execution or planning of this action. It was a collaborative effort between many
organizations, affinity groups, and individuals. We all functioned autonomously and there where no leaders.

Stay dangerous,

SouthWest Youth Liberation Front

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