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Oct 28, 18

Mosinee, WI: Antifascists Disrupt Trump Rally In Solidarity Caravan & Carbondale

Report from antifascists who participated in a demonstration at a Trump rally in solidarity with the migrant caravan and antifascists in Carbondale.

On October 24th, a group of antifascists disrupted a Trump rally in the small town of Mosinee, WI. Trump has repeatedly chosen rural and inaccessible towns in heavily red conservative areas to hold his rallies. The crowd of supporters was of about 4 thousand. The antifa entered the rally sporting a banner that read: “Abolish Trump’s White Supremacist Amerikkka.”

They chanted “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA,” as they marched into the thick crowd of Trump supporters. Eventually flanked on two sides by the mob of heckling MAGA capped wearers, they became at risk of being crushed in the middle of a wall of death. Considering the size of the group in comparison to the mob of supporters, they decided to exit the crowd to avoid being attacked. When it was time to wrap up they hung the banner in a visible spot between two trees.

The group safely left soon thereafter. Future disruptions of the sort are of paramount importance to demonstrate our complete and utter disdain with Trump’s white supremacist, fascist Amerikkka and all it represents. It is clear that trumps hate speeches have been inciting violent terrorist attacks on the behalf of his extremist supporters i.e. the Pittsburgh synagogue attack. In short, Trump idolizes, immolates, and romanticizes other fascist regimes and figures, from North Korea & Kim Jung Il’s devotees, and carries water for white nationalists and the Alt-Right.

Per usual, Trump brought up his desire to build a Southern border wall. The crowed roared with excited and cheered in approval. What we were witnessing in that moment was a mass amnesia, they had all forgotten the well known fact that their very own ancestors immigrated from continents across the Atlantic fucking ocean. Furthermore, all of the land of these continents were and are still inhabited by indigenous people. They are the original caretakers of these lands and have always known that the land was given to them by Creator not as their personal private property.

Our actions are in solidarity with the caravan of various diverse peoples and their allies traveling North to the so-called United States southern border. Some for asylum and some just for a new life. We support, celebrate and accept freedom of movement for all indigenous peoples to Turtle Island!

We are also acting in solidarity with our comrades in so-called Carbondale, Illinois who did a really good job organizing against Trump’s visit to their area; WE ARE WITH YOU, Carbondale antifascists!

From Trump’s deadly drone strikes and war’s of occupation, his racist plea to build a wall on the so-called Mexican border, to his overall misogynist, white supremacist, patriarchal behavior must be opposed at every turn.

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