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Mar 16, 23

Art Campaign for the Freedom of Manuel Gómez Vázquez

Call for artwork in solidarity with Indigenous Zapatista political prisoner Manuel Gómez Vázquez

To all the compañerxs who are artists, painters, graphic designers, and others who express their hearts through the visual arts:

We want to extend this invitation to an art campaign demanding freedom for our compañero Manuel Gómez Vázquez. Manuel is a member of the Zapatista Support Bases (BAZ), and has been arbitrarily detained for two years and three months.

Manuel’s case is a clear example of how the current government of supposed transformation continues utilizing the State and its machinery of death to beat down those who struggle for life. In this case, the State uses prison as a tool to repress and generate exhaustion. However, we know that this will never stop us. We will struggle until our compañero Manuel is free. We will do everything in our imaginations to demand his freedom.

From our collective heart, we ask you all to show your solidarity with this cause, and from your creativity and talent, make art demanding the freedom of our compañero Manuel. For practical reasons, we ask that the artwork be scanned digitally so we can reproduce and share them in the streets, plazas, social centers, schools, social media, and other spaces. We will be accepting submissions from March 14 to March 28 at the email address: [email protected].

We also ask the compañerxs of the national and international sixth to reproduce and share the artwork being submitted.

An embrace from our collective heart from the Jobel Valley.

Free Manuel Gómez Vázquez!

Down with the prison walls!

Prisons will never stop us!

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