Asheville, NC: Cop Car Tires Slashed in Remembrance of Alexis and Jai


The following anonymous communique was submitted to IGD and we reprint it below.

The statement reads:

On the anniversary of the murder of 15 year old Alexis Grigoropoulos in the Exarchia neighborhood of Athens, Greece, a couple of us here in so-called Asheville, North Carolina decided to act.

It didn’t take long after heading out into the night before we found what we were looking for. Once we spotted the police cruiser, we crept up to it and dug our blades into the tires, before making off unseen back into the shadows. There was a call put out for an international day of action against state terrorism in remembrance of its victims.

Here in Asheville, we act to remember Jerry “Jai” Williams, and his murder at the hands of police last year. His memory, along with the memories of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, Freddy Gray, Keith Lamont Scott, Aiyana Stanley Jones, Sandra Bland, Korryn Gaines, Janisha Fonville, and Terence Crutcher, burn in our hearts no matter how much time may pass between their last breaths and ours.

2017 has already seen over 1,000 people murdered by police, and we are not blind to the fact that this will continue. We are tired of quietly crying, and internalizing the pain of how the masses ignore these murdered loved ones, all around us, everyday.

We understand our action was small, especially in comparison to the immense and invigorating actions taken by so many before us in the memory of our comrades murdered by the state. But we hope those who openly attack as we aim to, receive us well in knowing this: We’ve begun our own course of attack on the terrorism of the state and all its violent actors. We plan on sustaining our attacks.

We hope to escalate the insurrectionary energies of those around us here in the Blue Ridge and other smaller, less openly antagonistic communities around the United Snakes. We aim to confront the state terror and violence every chance we get, and become part of the wave of solidarity that breaks the isolation and alienation of the oppressed. We’ve become awakened, and aim to shake others from their sleep and open their eyes to the global vision for a world without exploitation from authority.

alexisg.jpegAlexis Grigoropoulos


Jerry “Jai” Williams

In remembrance of all the unknown and unnamed those listed below, and the innumerable others that we hold in our hearts.  We don’t forgive. We don’t forget. Not a step back.

Santiago Maldonado kidnapped and murdered by paramilitaries, Argentina 2017
Pellumb Marinkolla thrown out of a police station window, Greece 2016
Remi Fraisse killed by stun grenade, France 2014
Ilia Kareli tortured to death by prison guards, Greece 2014
43 young students kidnapped and murdered by cops, Mexico 2014
Michael Brown shot by cops, Ferguson (USA) 2014
Berkin Elvan shot by teargas canister by riot cops, Istanbul 2013
Mark Duggan shot by cops, UK 2011
Dimitris Kotzaridis killed by teargas, Athens 2011
Lambros Foundas shot by cops, Greece 2010
Stefano Gucci tortured to death by police, Italy 2009
Inigo Cabacas killed by rubber bullet, Basque country 2009
Giuseppe Uva beaten to death in a police station, Italy 2008
Alexis Grigoropoulos shot by cops, Greece 2008
Gabriele Sandri shot by cops, Italy 2007
Oury Jalloh burned alive in his cell by the cops, Germany 2005
Federico Aldrovandi beaten to death by cops, Italy 2005
Carlo Giuliani shot by cops, Italy, 2001
Sole e Baleno led to suicide in prison, Italy 1998
Christophoros Marinos excecuted by cops, Greece 1996
Halim Dener shot by cops, Germany 1994
Conny Wessmann killed by car when chased by cops, Germany 1989
Michalis Kaltezas shot by cops, Greece 1985
Iakovos Koumis beaten to death by riot cops, Greece 1980
Stamatina Kannelopoulou beaten to death by riot cops, Greece 1980
Francesco Lo Russio shot by cops, Italy 1977
Isidoros Isidoropoulos killed by car when chased by cops, Greece 1976


–Some Mountain Comrades–

For more context on the murder of Alexis and the insurrectionary movement inflamed by it, check this video out. For more info on the police killing of Jai Williams, check out this link

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