This following communique about an anti-gentrification action was anonymously submitted to IGD, we reprint it below.  

Last week, we sabotaged 45 Relay bikes in Little 5 Points, Inman Park, and Old Fourth Ward.

The Relay bike project is a part of the overarching plan of the city and its partners to create a culture of “connectivity” for capitalists and high-income workers. These bikes are positioned all around the city, at 70 different stations, near the BeltLine developments. The plan to connect the different corridors of commerce and condos has devastated large areas of the city, as unprecedented real estate speculation and profiteering has commodified public space and lead to increased rents in every neighborhood.

We used simple razor blades to stab/slash the tires and tubes of these bikes. It took less than one hour accomplish our task and we encourage others to copy our methods and to do better than we did.

We should be traveling, not transporting
We should be wandering, not commuting
We should be adventurists, not urbanists
Dedicated to those lost in the shuffle.

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