It's Going Down

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Protestors Block Duke Energy CEO’s Driveway

This action report from May 9th was originally published on the Earth First! Newswire.

People fighting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in North Carolina blocked the driveway of Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good’s mansion in Charlotte on May 9th. Duke Energy is a major partner in the 600 mile long pipeline that would bring fracked gas from West Virginia, through Virginia, and into North Carolina. The activists who are with the group Beyond Extreme Energy set up a 20 foot tall mock fracking rig in the CEO’s driveway which one activist occupied.

Charles King, a Charlotte resident was quoted in the Charlotte Observer saying “These people are suffering a lot from the construction of the pipeline, and we wanted to give Lynn Good an idea of what they’re going through.” The activists also had banners reading “Sorry for the Inconvenience, This is a Fracking Site” and “Stop Funding Methane Pipelines.”One protestors was arrested for refusing to come down from the fake drill rig.

This action comes a couple weeks after pipeline protestors disrupted the Duke Energy shareholders meeting and tree sits and occupations continue in Virginia against the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines.