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Aug 21, 22

Attack on Gage Park Liberation School

Report on recent attack on the Gage Park Liberation School by a property management company.

On Wednesday, August 17th, the Gage Park Liberation School was attacked by a property management company, Manage Chicago. Without warning, several men showed up and began drilling into the locks. While management was chased away, they could be back at any time. We’re calling on our community to support us now.

In the name of “private property,” this CHA-affiliate management company is attempting to not only illegally lock people out, but cut off a vital community resource. Gage Park Liberation School has been distributing food and clothing, as well as offering political education to the community.

For several months, our Gage Park Community Pantry has been resourceful in providing pre-made mouthwatering bags of our BAF-POOR PEOPLE’S SURVIVAL MOVEMENT supplies (from bags of walnuts, boxes of Raisins and Honey bars to canned fruit and raw veggies) for alley-walkers passing by.

Our school/home has also been a healthy threat to the capitalist medical complex as a free grassroots COVID-19 testing center, which is relevant in a time when city COVID Centers are now charging over a hundred bucks per test at certain locations. Rarely do we see a COVID-testing site (let alone one for free) in the Black and Brown ‘hoods in south and west-side Chicago.

The Black Autonomy Federation (BAF) has been persistent in putting an end to unnecessary poverty and other forms of systemic violence against the oppressed!

The State and capital are deploying the only tools they know: violence and dispossession.

We refuse to submit to being violently dispossessed by absentee land monopolists and we will resist their attempts to push us out.

Free the Land!
Smash the State!
In Our hands is
where lies our Fate!

-d@rruti, one of amerikan society’s throw-aways & Compa Kathy

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