Audio Report: Caravan Arrives in Tijuana and Faces Far-Right Protests


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In this special audio report, we were able to speak with Mexico based journalist Andalalucha on what has been happening on the streets of Tijuana since migrants from Honduras and other Central American countries have begun arrive in the city. Andalalucha has been on the streets reporting on social media and as a freelance journalist over the past several days, and gives us a blow by blow of what all has gone down.

In our discussion, we discuss the arrival of parts of the caravan and the hardships it has faced along the way, as well as the far-Right media reaction that has begun to build against them. We also talk about the anti-migrant protests that have broken out in Tijuana, which other media outlets are reporting have been attended and in part organized by pro-Trump activists in the US who are linked with the Alt-Right.

We also touch on what affect, if any, the slow removal of US troops from the Mexico border will have on the caravan, as well as what some migrant families intend to do as they face hostile forces on both sides of the border after traveling a long, and often dangerous journey.

More Info: Andalalucha on Twitter, Instagram and Commotion.World, a clearinghouse on solidarity resources with the caravan. Also check out Unicorn Riot’s coverage.

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