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Oct 8, 17

Audio Report From CVille: Media & Police Facilitate Nazi Photo Op

In the following audio report back, we talk with a local anarchist of color in Charlottesville, VA about the most recent neo-Nazi rally that took place around 7:30 PM on October 7th. We discuss what has happened in the town since August 12th, the fracturing of the Alt-Right, the cosmetic changes that have been put into place by the city, and also what local organizers are doing to mobilize people on the ground.

We also talk about the stupidity and hypocrisy of the mainstream media, who for months has been both attacking antifascists, and also stating that it’s antifa which ‘forces’ them to give coverage to neo-Nazis. In this instance, it is clear that media coordinated with Spencer before hand. Moreover, in the aftermath of the short and small rally, media did nothing to cover the larger antifascist march which took place by actual Charlottesville residents. Also, local police like in past instances, where quick to offer protection for the neo-Nazis, providing them an armed escort for up to 20 miles outside of town. Seems “outside agitators” only applies to communities in resistance, not those in support of white supremacy.

The recent neo-Nazi rally, which again featured tiki torches, was the 4th white nationalist event to take place in the city since May, when Spencer held a set of similar rallies. In July, KKK members held another demonstration, and on August 12th, neo-Nazis, Alt-Right trolls, and KKK members organized the ‘Unite the Right’ demonstration which led to the death of 32 year old Heather Heyer and injured several dozen others. The most recent rally was led again by Richard Spencer and neo-Nazi podcaster, Mike “Enoch” Penovich, and also gathered at Emancipation Park in Charlottesville.

While Spencer’s rally was over after only ten minutes, by this time, Charlottesville residents, antifascists, and Black Lives Matter organizers had assembled over 50 individuals. People quickly took the streets and marched throughout the town, picking up supporters along the way. The march then ended up rallying at the home of UVA President Teresa Sullivan.

Solidarity Cville wrote:

Community members headed downtown in rapid response to the Nazi torch rally. A group of clergy and other folks stood outside the synagogue, where an event was being held in observance of the Jewish holiday Sukkot.

During the antifascist rally, police declared it an unlawful assembly, which again showed their drive to clamp down on community defense and organizing and also facilitate neo-Nazi activity.

Check out the podcast at the top of this post for an in-depth interview which offers much more information and analysis. 

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