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Jul 30, 18

August 4th Providence, RI: All Out to Oppose Hate in the Ocean State

Call to oppose far-Right and Alt-Right groups mobilizing on August 4th in Providence, Rhode Island.

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PROVIDENCE, RI – A coalition of anti-racist, anti-sexist, pro-LGBTQ, anti-fascist, socialist, labor, and community organizers will host a counter-demonstration to oppose a rally by a far-Right umbrella group known as “Resist Marxism.”

“Resist Marxism” is a group started as a cover for coalitions between violent hate-groups, and as a way to draw less-extreme or less-organized right-wingers into contact with the same violent hate groups. They are fascists, and their thin veneer of legitimacy falls apart with the slightest scrutiny.

They have a clear history of organizing with white supremacists and hate groups, and those groups have histories of racially-motivated and other hate-based violence. Its presence in Providence represents an active threat to the lives and well-being of the city’s working class, especially black, brown, and indigenous people, LGBTQ people, migrants and immigrants, and women. We ask Providence and the surrounding communities to stand with us and make sure that fascism cannot gain any more ground in our state.



Not kid friendly, not a speaking rally.


Ocean State Against Hate, a coalition of anti-racist, anti-sexist, pro-LGBTQ, anti-fascist, socialist, labor, and community organizers will host a counter-demonstration to oppose a rally by a far-right umbrella group known as “Resist Marxism”. One might wonder what they could possibly do to resist Marxism that has been overlooked by the police, the FBI, the corporations and media, and the various intelligence and military agencies, but here we are.

Beyond the group’s moderately-right-wing veneer are various racist and fascist dog-whistles, and a nationwide history of organizing with violent hate groups and individuals. While the umbrella group “Resist Marxism” may assiduously avoid racist language in its promotional materials, it uses several dog-whistles (“cultural Marxism,” “globalism,” “nationalism,” etc) that have fascist, anti-Semitic origins.

The founder of the organization, Kyle Chapman (alias “Based Stick-man”) is a repeat violent felon with ties to fascist groups and individuals. At events held by the group’s Boston chapter, security was provided by American Guard, a neo-Nazi paramilitary group from New Hampshire. They are an extreme anti-immigrant and anti-refugee group with many members in designated hate groups. A posting about the August 4th rally on the /pol/ section of 4chan, a notorious neo-Nazi internet hangout, promised that the August 4th event in Providence would be the debut of a local chapter of the Proud Boys, a “western chauvinist” fascist gang. Kyle Chapman, the “Resist Marxism” founder also founded a more extreme, violent group within the Proud Boys – the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, who have committed multiple assaults with sticks and other weapons at protests.

Another Boston “Resist Marxism” member, Chris Hood, is also a member of Patriot Front, an openly fascist hate group. This group split off from Vanguard America (which has a presence in Providence), a member of which is charged with the murder of Heather Heyer by a car that plowed into protesters (injuring 20 others) in Charlottesville, VA last year. There are more connections with other heinous groups and individuals, too many to list. These groups, along with other fascist, nationalist, and white supremacist formations, have a clear history of racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, homophobic, and transphobic violence. We as a community ignore them at our peril.

These groups and other far-right and white supremacist organizations have no place here in Providence. The community will not sit by idly while they organize to oppress and murder us. We will oppose them at every turn.

Coalition Points of Unity:

-Fascism is an existential threat to already oppressed and targeted communities.

-To oppose this threat, we must oppose all its facets

-White supremacy in all its forms

-Misogyny and violence against women (including trans-women) in all its forms

-Violence against immigrants and workers in all its forms

-Capitalist imperialism in all its forms

-Settler colonialism in all its forms

-Directly affected communities must always be at the forefront of all aspects of our political work, including anti-fascism

-Fascism cannot be debated, it cannot be coddled, it must be smashed aggressively and efficiently.

-A community’s ability to defend itself by any means necessary is crucial to combat fascism.

Their rally is reported to start at noon on August 4th. Join us by 11 AM to oppose them.

We will be hosting community meeting and training workshop. The location and time will be announced soon. Stay tuned to this page.

Contact info: for questions, contact [email protected]

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