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Aug 8, 19

Austin, TX: Campaign Against Proud Boy Continues

Texas Antifascist News reports on a recent action in Austin, Texas to demand that AT&T fire Proud Boy Dustin Casler.

On the evening of August 6th, a group of masked antifascists protested AT&T Conference Center management over their continued employment of local “Proud Boy” Dustin Casler.

According to sources, the previous demonstrations undertaken by various groups were only partly successful. They led to Casler being kept in a back room without a name tag, in hopes that he would be forgotten, and to Casler changing his primary residence. But they have not yet led to his firing, the minimum demand of Austin’s antifascists. If they had hoped the issue could be swept under the rug and forgotten, it seems they were mistaken.

This was readily apparent when nearly twenty demonstrators marched through the length of the conference center and hotel building, carrying banners and chanting “Fire Dustin Casler!” throughout. Flyers were distributed to employees and managers, though one of them called UT Police anyway.

One demonstrator loudly informed management that Proud Boys are a threat to women, immigrants, Muslims and LGBT people, and demanded Casler’s immediate and public termination.

One AT&T Center employee made the perplexing decision to follow the crowd as it marched offsite. A few demonstrators made clear he should keep his distance, especially from non-male marchers. He quietly removed himself amid renewed chanting.

As they left, antifascists noticed police cruisers pull up on site, too late to guard a fascist and his patrons.

The antifascists ask that all readers call (512) 404-1900 to speak to managers, leave Facebook reviews, and encourage conferences to boycott the venue and to send emails until Casler is terminated.

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