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Black Autonomy Network

Black Autonomy Network
We are an all black/New Afrikan network of Anarchists, Autonomists, and Anti-State Communists struggling in the Salish Sea region of the Pacific Northwest.

Call for Solidarity With the Rebellious People of Sudan

A call from the Black Autonomy Network for material solidarity with the growing revolt and revolution in Sudan."Let’s be clear, what’s at stake is the spreading of a rebellious energy across the Middle East...

Reparations As A Verb

A critical piece from the Black Autonomy Network that addresses the issue of talk of reparations as a tool of recuperation. What does it mean when Elizabeth Warren gets on national television and talks...

An Overview & Analysis of Six Months of Revolt in Haiti

A look at continued breakdown and growing State illegitimacy in Haiti and an analysis of the generalized insurrection against the State from an anarchist analysis. As we write the French Republic is burning and the...