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Anarchist counter-information website about anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist activity, analysis, and events in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

Minneapolis: Smash White Power

From Conflict MN On April 23rd, anti-fascists converged on Stone Mountain, GA to confront a white power demonstration. Barricades were erected and burned while participants used rocks and fireworks to attack the police tasked with protecting...

Minneapolis: Mask For Zapata

From Conflict MN On the morning of April 10th the statue of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata at 12th Ave. and Lake St. in South Minneapolis was adorned with a mask. This occurred in commemoration of...

Minneapolis: Posters Against Police

From Conflict MN With an expected decision on whether or not to indict the officers who murdered Jamar Clark looming, the Minneapolis Police Chief released a video statement a few days ago. The statement declares that...

Minneapolis: Noise Demo at the Jail

From Conflict MN A small group of antagonists gathered outside the youth jail in downtown Minneapolis for a noise demonstration in solidarity with prisoners. Fireworks were shot into the air, and those inside waved to...

Justice 4 Jamar Graffiti

From Conflict MN  

Solidarity With Kurdish Insurgents

Conflict MN received the above image and this brief email: Some posters expressing solidarity with Kurdish insurgents were flyposted around south Minneapolis. The posters appear to say “Solidarity With Kurdish Insugents – Smash Repression! Smash the...