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Philly Anti-Cap exists to promote and spread anti-authoritarian events and ideas as well as facilitate communication between anti-authoritarians and anarchists in and around Philadelphia. We hope that this site can be used to further preexisting struggles and dialogues, we encourage you to comment, discuss, and send us submissions.

Donate to Help Comrade Arrested in Harrisburg, PA

Donate Here Our fellow comrade has been arrested and is being held on trumped up charges of assaulting an officer during the counter protest of the anti-muslim march in Harrisburg. Bail has been set at 100K....

Harrisburg, PA: Shut Down Anti-Muslim March

Social Media Event Here June 10 at 500 N Front St, Harrisburg PA On June 10th, all over the United States, Act for America has called for marches against “Sharia Law”, which is clearly a thinly veiled...

June 11th: Philadelphia, PA: Posters for Anarchist Prisoners

As a small show of solidarity with anarchist prisoners I put up posters in West Philly and South Philly. Along the way I also took down some annoying infowars and right libertarian stickers 😛 Fire...

Crossing Paths in New Terrain: Philly, Revolt, the Left & Trump

This text is in part a reply to the “Drinking From the Cup of Fascist Tears: Boston Report Back” but is generally meant to be respond to the shifting political terrain since Trump won...

Philadelphia, PA: Banner Drop in Solidarity with Those Facing Repression

On the morning of April 3rd, the a team dropped this banner over the 76 Walnut overpass. Solidarity to all antifascists and resisters facing repression during this regime.

Philadelphia, PA: #DisruptMAGA Outing

Groups hit up South St and South Philly neighborhoods with #DisruptMAGA fliers, antifascist graffiti, and and antifascist stickers. Real estate developer OCF banners were targeted and taken down as well.

Reportback/Critique of the Solidarity Forum

We know we need to help turn Philly into the site of a radical resistance to Trump and the social forces he represents.  But there is no clear, widespread sense of what that kind...

Anathema Volume 3 Issue 2

Volume 3 Issue 2 (PDF for printing 11 x 17) Volume 3 Issue 2 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11) In this issue: On the Women’s Strike Prison Update Point-Counterpoint: $$$ Spring Ahead, Bounce Back, Fall...