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Philly Anti-Cap exists to promote and spread anti-authoritarian events and ideas as well as facilitate communication between anti-authoritarians and anarchists in and around Philadelphia. We hope that this site can be used to further preexisting struggles and dialogues, we encourage you to comment, discuss, and send us submissions.

A Concerted Effort Against Gentrification

From Philly Anti-Capitalist Gentrification in Philadelphia is an issue that deserves a concerted response from those of us who oppose it. The momentum of recent actions leads us to believe that now is an especially good...

An open letter to Philly Anti-Authoritarians and other Friends

From Philly Anti-Capitalist An open letter to Philly Anti-Authoritarians and other Friends, It’s no surprise that the current nature of most Philly street demos have failed to open up space in the streets that allowed for...

Fence on Baltimore “Lit Up”

from anarchadelphia Fence on Baltimore got lit up with anti-cop memorial for writers killed by police and others.

Anti-Gentrification Posters for South and West Philly

from anarchadelphia West Philly South Philly